Overview of Mass Social Bookmarking Services

By Ian Fernando

There are so many social bookmarking websites out there. They all range from Digg to Reddit, and these social bookmark sites do one thing, save your bookmarks and share it with the internet world. With so many of these springing up, it is hard to figure out which of these are good. But for a marketer I think these social bookmarking websites are a good source of traffic.

I have not really gotten down to really study and read the TOS of all these bookmarking communities. I know there are a lot that spring up and I know there are popular ones that can bring traffic. In the past I have paid for some services to submit my website to directories and social bookmarks.

I have been looking into these mass submissions internet tools that I have found on the internet. Which one is better to use? What does one benefit over the other? I have used all of these and found some high points with some and really down points of others.

  1. OnlyWire
    This is one of my favorite ones since it is FireFox friendly! Onlywire automatically posts any website to any of the popular bookmarking websites. OnlyWaire makes it very easy to literally submit your blog posts to popular social bookmarks. With FireFox, you simply just drag a 'Save Bookmark' button to your FireFox browser. If there is a website you enjoy hit the button and it turns the current page into a frame with the OnlyWire login. Just login enter some keywords or a description and hit submit. The frame closes and in the background it submits your blog posts or your favorite websites to your accounts, simple! The down side I find with OnlyWire is its constant errors and site down time. Also, their recently tagged links usually never works - for me anyways.
  2. Social Marker
    Social marker is another popular multi submission service. This service is a little more manual because you have to manually login and submit your post. But the good thing about Social Marker is it has more social bookmarking websites than others. This is more time consuming since you will browse through social markers' framed pages and login to propeller, digg, twitter, etc and have to manually login. Social Marker saves the important information (URL, Description, Keywords, Title) so it will make it easier for you to submit, but you have to drag these information to the necessary fields if they are not already auto populated. I think it is a little more time consuming than productive.
  3. Social Poster
    Social Poster is just an imitation of Social Marker. It has the same split frames and you have to manually login and submit your favorite website. This service is very similar to Social Marker. It takes the information and populates it into fields, which are located at the bottom of the frame. The reason for this is because you will have to manually log in to each service and submit. Social poster appears to be cookie base, since you can log into all the services and since you are 'temporarily logged' into their service social poster will populate all the information and you just need to hit submit. Still a little manual, but powerful
  4. SocialMatic
    Socialmatic is a new multi submission service. since this is a new service, this service is in beta but anyone can still register. This service you have to become a memeber before using their services. Now, the only issue I have with this system is I have to register. But there are a lot of great features with this service. One feature is Socialmatic captures the screen shot of the website bookmarked. It also posts the link of the most recently submitted website on the front page. This is great since it is live you get to see what others are bookmarking in real time. Another great feature is the history log. The history logs let you see what bookmark submission failed and what were successful. Also, SocialMatic has a link which you can drag and drop into FireFox which will auto populate the necessary information and all you do is provide the description and tags.
  5. Get Bookmark
    Get Bookmark is an OnlyWire imitation. This is a very new service as well, so new they do not have a TOS and yet when you register you have to check it off and agree to ummm ... I guess nothing? This system has more bookmark communities than OnlyWire but not more than Social Poster or Social Marker. The big problem I really have with this service is instead of a frame paged it is within an Iframe and at the top is a huge adsense banner. I mean this free system has to make money right? Get Bookmark will auto populate your important fields and you enter your description and tags, hit submit and it works in the background.

My overall experience with these services is it makes it easier for marketers to take advantage of such social bookmark networks. Onlywire so far for me is the easiest and more simplest form out there. It locks the website I want to submit into a bottom frame, I log in within the above frame - enter the credentials, hit submit and it's done. Socialmatic has more features than the rest, making socialmatic a more 'social' bookmarking 'network' and not a service.

The other manual services do work but are time consuming and are probably more accurate than the others since it is geared toward manual submission. So many others have had far better success with SocialMarker and SocialPoster than trying to keep up with OnlyWire's ever maintenances. These services should help you get more back links from these popular social bookmarking website and hopefully more traffic!

Ian Fernando
Involved in the internet space since 2002 and have been through the ups and downs of this online industry. I am a traveling digital nomad, media buyer, online strategist, and many more online titles.

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