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What Happens After the Click? I Tested 3 Smart Link Systems and One Came Out a Winner

With every traffic, you have to try to monetize every click possible. That is why there are tricks to monetize […]

My First Impressions on Growing My Own Private Push Network - Blog Version

As you know I have been talking about push traffic lately. I think it is a great source of traffic […]

Monetize Your Website with Push Notifications Instead of Annoying Your Readers with Banners

If you've created a website, chances are you've already put in a lot of your effort or time ensuring it […]

Affiliate Marketing was Dead in 2018, Now in 2019 it Is Rotting Away

Happy New Year. Let's get that out of the way first. So the year of 2018, there has been a […]

What the Aff Founder, Manu Cinca Discusses His Affiliate Journey and his Transition to his New Daily Newsletter

Manu and I decided to have a conversation about his project, - a daily newsletter for the affiliate marketing […]

Use this Back Button Script and Exit Intent Code to Convert Unwanted Conversions

When buying traffic you want to try to monetize every bit of it as much as you can. This post […]

Rise of Push Traffic. Will Affiliates Destroy this Opportunity? Ofcourse

I have been talking about Push traffic lately after the introduction of post. As I started buying more push […]

Mega Push Affiliate Traffic: the Setup and 24 Hour Results

The other day I posted that I would test a new traffic source and see if it is legit. Couple […]

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