Pick Pocket Marketing Tricks at Affiliate World Europe 2018

By Ian Fernando

Affiliate World Asia, Thailand just ended but that doesn't mean it is over. Affiliate World, just announced their Europe event will be in Barcelona, Spain! I love this part of Europe!

Spain, is a great country to be in and I have traveled to 3 parts of it, Valencia, Madrid, and Barcelona. I have met amazing people in the country traveling with my business partner and solo. Barcelona though has amazing parks, beaches, and the food in Barcelona! I mean the food.

I have been to restaurants where it is always booked, I even remember going to a restaurant where they only serve twice a day on a fixed menu. High end. Amazing, I probably am bias because I lie seafood a lot.

I mean here is a platter from when I traveled to Barcelona...


I have talked about Affiliate World many times prior before, though I did this past one in Thailand. I do plan on going to this one in Barcelona. They do have some great speakers lined up. Here is a quick spotlight on who will be speaking...

  1. Oli Gardner: co-founder, Unbounce
  2. Ezra Firestone: founder & CEO, Smart Marketer and Zipify
  3. Ryan Deiss: founder & CEO, DigitalMarketer

The speaker list is always top notch at Affiliate World, from high profile affiliates who decided to come out from the rocks to gurus that has been doing it as a profession. Their speaker list is by far the best in the industry I believe.

They just got the passion for the industry and it shows in their events.

The way it is organized from networking, to events, to partying is really networked towards the affiliate lifestyle. The team wants you to always be energetic and talking, the best part is water is that there are just a lot of things to do while even not attending the sessions.

I believe it is setup great and proper in a way that it caters towards us affiliates and online marketers.

Anyways, some things to note about Barcelona, you will be pick pocketed and get into fights with Spaniards. Here are some tips that I have learned myself..

  1. Do not play soccer with the kids on the beach walk - they will pretend to play with you which gets you distracted and next thing you know, your MRKTR stickers are gone.
  2. Do not flash cash, you are an easy target and do not do it in the club at the bar you will for sure lose your wallet on the floor - they only want local currency, everything else they drop to the floor
  3. Try not to get sandwhiched while on the bus or train, this is obvious because someone will feel you up.
  4. Taxi cab drivers, meter only and ask if their meter works. Some of them will say yes and after like 2 minutes, that shit turns off. Start asking for a fixed price, this is more common at night after hours
  5. Keep moving, you want to take pictures, but be aware of your surrounding. Tourist are easily picked because they want selfies and hearts. So they don't tend to move much, they get targeted.

Only pick pocket information at the Affiliate World Europe: Barcelona event on: July 18-20th, 2018. Check their event page here.

In the end, I think Lorenzo did a great choice on choosing Barcelona. Such an amazing place to be the atmosphere is chillax with amazing food.

Ian Fernando
Involved in the internet space since 2002 and have been through the ups and downs of this online industry. I am a traveling digital nomad, media buyer, online strategist, and many more online titles.

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