Picking Up Women and Affiliate Marketing: Why They Relate

By Ian Fernando

* Note * This is not a discriminatory post or is it a sexist post. This simply is a post explaining pre selling and conversions between the internet and the real world.

If you have been following me on Twitter then you have seen last night picture. It was affiliate marketing in the real world. I was at the bar with my team and my team decided to go up north Jersey. They were going to a lounge and me being late in meeting up, I just threw something on and went to the bar to tag. Then I noticed a market I wanted to attack. There was this girl just sitting at the bar and later on I found out she was waiting for her friend.

Long story short traffic was converted (just a 1 field submit) . Now affiliate marketing is just like talking to women and picking up women and getting them to convert. There really isn't a big difference - you find your target, pre sell, and hope it converts. With women it is basically the same thing, you pre sell and then convert at the end. Some of you guys think you are the best in the game, then why not make money with affiliate marketing - it is all deception really.

Pre selling is key to getting a user from the internet world to convert on an offer. So that means the advertisers offer LP need to have a strong backbone when it comes to getting the customer to convert. There are many things you want to look for when looking at an LP of an offer. As there are many signs to look for when taking to a female that you want. Examining the target is important because you want to see and plan your next move. A females gestures and movements are important, ways she move her hand, pick up her drink, the stature, etc are all important when planning your next sentence or move.

With affiliate marketing it is the same but harder. You do not see the customer you just see actions. The user either goes to the offer sees crap and leaves. You do not have enough information to try to make the end user convert. There are scripts out there that can help and can increase conversions but you need to use them wisely. Wrong moves can mean bad disasters, similar to saying the most obnoxious pick up lines to a female.

If you create and LP (landing page) prior to the offer then this is your best bet. Pre Selling is the most important part when it comes to affiliate marketing and picking up ladies. Why do yu think paid search marketers look for specific keywords that are geared towards action. With the LP there are tons of things to test: colors, layout, web structure, information, authority, brand, mouse gestures, click actions, image locations, time of day, etc. There is just a lot of things to test out. Luckily with affiliate marketing you don't care if you get turned down because there are always a ton of new people ready to look at your LP.

Similar to a girl's actions except you only get one chance and you get to adjust base on her actions. There are a lot of things to look at and you can adjust your speech and gesture to make sure you are still in a position to make an action.

The most important part about picking up women and affiliate marketing is emotions. Base on emotions you can easily convert traffic and grab a girl by your side. Emotions drive a person to do things depending on the situation. Similar to affiliate marketing - getting the end user to feel an emotion to an offer will make them convert easily. Saying to an end user they have won something and all the advertiser needs is a zip code, hell that is easy. Happy person gets a reward and doesn't have to fill out a huge form - simple and a conversion.

With ladies it is similar. Emotions run everyone and it runs how we think and what actions to take. Most of use do not think logically or scientifically. We order a diet drink because we are fat and feel sad for ourselves. We fill out a debt form because we do not want to suffer anymore. We fill out 1 field submits because we thought we won a 500$ gift card. Emotions do run a big portion of our decisions. Why do you think 'love' is a huge factor in deciding why we marry - besides gold diggers and international pimps.

Adjusting someone emotions to make them do something is very powerful. With marketing that is what it is all about. Well getting conversions is what it is all about but how do they take action is what matters. There is no script out there to find out what there emotion level is and feed it back to us as a source of data (I wish there was). But pre selling is marketing basically. You approach your target audience pre sell and hope it converts. With a girl it is the same thing find her, pre sell your pathetic self, and convert - ergh say good night. There really is no difference from internet marketing and how we get others to do things.

So look at the offers' LP and see if it pre sells to you. Look at (colors, location of the CTA, etc) If it is whack, can you create a better bridge page to make the end user convert? If you do then that is a huge benefit and that means your a bigger pimp than I am.

* Note * This is not a discriminatory post or is it a sexist post. This simply is a post explaining pre selling and conversions between the internet and the real world.

Ian Fernando
Involved in the internet space since 2002 and have been through the ups and downs of this online industry. I am a traveling digital nomad, media buyer, online strategist, and many more online titles.

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