Pictures from Affiliate Summit West 2008

By Ian Fernando

I just got back from my plane flight and had a quick snack, I just then uploaded all the photos to my flickr account. Which means all the scandalous pictures are up!! Syke, I actually filtered some of them out. I took pictures of the Vegas strip as well and I of the parties that I have been too. I took pictures of everything that I can. I even met a lot of new people and the rich people as well, great networking advantages.

Tomorrow I will have a video made of the all the pictures and videos that I have taken. There were some great aspects to affiliate summit west this year and I really enjoyed it. I have tons of business cards from so many new people that I have met and got a chance to talk to, can you find your business card below? This maybe be a little but to me I think it is a great resource.

There are so many pictures that I have taken about close to 250+ but in the flickr album I only uploaded about 160. So I have other pictures that are not in the album because of other reasons and some came out just crap. Also, speaking of pictures - I had to buy a new camera because my dumbass forgot my Nikon camera at home. Well once I arrived and checked in my room, I decided to go ahead and buy one. I bought a Samsung L830 - which is ok, I wanted a something that was cheap and that recorded video. Well at least I got the pictures that I wanted. I was so piss I didn't want to not have pictures you know. Well let's take a look at some pictures:

Got to meet up with Paul from Uber Affiliate during the AffSpy dinner yesterday night. I didn't get much to talk to him since it was really the first time I met him and I didn't not see him through out the convention too much. Also, I know a lot of affiliates/merchants/ etc were leaving that night and Paul was leaving the next day I believed, so I did not want to bother him too much.
I also met up with Wes Mahler, 'President and CEO' of Tracking 202. I spent much of my time with him and his team, hanging out and partying. Great times - he also introduced me to a new service that he is releasing but have decided to partner up with a competitor during the Affiliate Summit Convention.
I met up with Joel Comm after speaking with Kristopher Jones of the PepperJam Network. At first I did not recognized Joel at all because his beard/goatee is gone! Well he shaved it off maybe to disguise himself from others that may attack him because of his status. Joel is a great guy and great person to talk to.
Chad from CDF Networks is really smart person, I bump into him at the Blog War Room and we exchanged cards. I believe later that night I met up with him again at the Affiliate Bash party.
Jason, is my affiliate manager from NeverBlueAds. He was kind of in a situation and I hope it is all taken care of. We talked for a bit and I apologize that I was not going strong on my marketing and he said he would have to take me off the network soon. 'joking' Great guy and its cool that he is an energetic guy.
John Chow, is a tall guy - I really did not expect him to be that tall. After watching some of his videos, I still did not think he would be that tall. Another great guy to talk to and fun to be with, he jokes a lot and conversate. John loves to have fun!
Winning the Web, Gyutae, I kind of apologize because when I seen him I called him "G", apologies. I rarely seen him and I seen him at the keynote and once after something else.... hmmm.... finally got a chance to meet him, since he is a Jersey Dude too!
Joe Tech! I kind of called him out in the open on the first day of Affiliate Summit because his goatee, I wonder if that is his brand I mean it is on his blog, his business cards, and on him! Great guy to talk to especially about programming since I am a newbie at that.
I bump into Ms. Danielle at the Affiliate Bash Party. Very chill laid back person that makes money! She is really fun to hang out with and she really knows her stuff. She left the party early and played cards in her room, I guess that is more fun than going to a party with no one on the dance floor.
Look at my "water pistols" I know I can take Israel from Fat Man Unleashed any day. Israel gave me some good pointers on some exercise moves and what to eat to better help increase muscle gains, I am trying to put more weight on.
Shawn Collins, another Jersey boy! Shawn is really fun to be with, he is like a kid in an older much sophisticated body. He grabbed me on the third day of Affiliate Summit to run around on his Segway he brought. The segway was fun to ride on took me a while to get use to it and I didn't go too fast on it.
Roger from Think like an SOB is fun and knows what he wants. I met up with him at the ShareaSale party, along with Israel, and many others. We met up once more on the third day and attended more seminars.
Mark from 45n5 was walking towards the meet market while I was heading back to my room. Great guy! I kind of felt bad since he was holding down the Blog War room and didn't have a great opportunity to see any of the seminars. But he did tell me he did a lot of great networking with people and people that I didn't even see or hear of.
Thor Schrock, the original winner of The Next Internet Millionaire, ehhhmm. he did great in the show and now he has taken all the teachings from the reality show and applying it. He has attended Affiliate Summit to get more networks to participate or sponsor his new internet reality show called "Top Affiliate Challenge," which I will be submitting my video soon.
Amit Mehta from Super Affiliate Mindset is also a great guy and really very informative. I did not get to talk to him too long but I went to his Super Affiliate Workshop/Seminar with Zac Johnson, Kristopher Jones, and John Chow. He really knows his stuff - especially with some great free tools that he has mentioned.
Jim Kukral a great guy and funny guy. He was the first internet marketer I interviewed on my blog. I was following him on
twitter and the things he says is just funny. He has a great personality. Zac Johnson is in this picture along with a couple other pictures, he is a Jersey Boy too!
Tracking202 team - good group of people. They are missing the 15 year old child too, I think he got lost in the crowd, let me stop. Wes has a great team on his side which will make sure his product and services will be number one in the market!
Derrick and Dylan from Web Pro Leads are cool people to hand out with. I met up with them at the Affiliate Dinner and we met up a couple times going to parties and just having drinks elsewhere. We exchanged cards and concepts - great people to talk to and party with as well.
Zac Johnson and Andrew Wee. I met up with Andrew at the Affiliate Dinner as well as multiple places throughout parties and seminars. Andrew is a very smart guy and has a great podcast on his blog. Andrew is a very networking type of guy, everywhere he is I see him with like someone new or someone he wants to meet.

To view more picture visit my Affiliate Summit West 2008 Album or find more on flickr. I will be posting up a video tomorrow of all the videos I have taken and stuff.

Ian Fernando
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