Platinum SEO Plugin: Keyword Winner

By Ian Fernando

The past couple days or even weeks I have been creating niche sites and started to use an interesting plugin to help me get rank fairly quickly without getting too much competition. Yesterday, I talked about creating mini sites during the holidays and now I want to show you an amazing plugin that gets you ranked fairly quickly just by having a targeted headline for your post.

I used this plugin to find the keywords for this post's title specifically. This plugin is again for WordPress and it integrates easily with your 'add new post' page. This way you can do the research right within your new blog post before actually writing.

Watch the intro video below:

There are many uses for this specific plugin, but one is to get ranked right away for your specific keyword and your headline is the most important part of your blog post or topic. The reason is because it tells the search engine what your post is about. If you can specifically target a set of keywords to rank then you will be easily found.

With Keyword Winner, it automatically does that for you. By simply entering 3-4 sets of keywords that your post is about, Keyword Winner uses your Google credentials (gmail account) to find the proper keywords that can be beneficial to your post. By easily searching within Google Trends, Google Competition, and Google Insights - it spits out a set of keywords that can be beneficial to your blog post.

Now, this is more powerful if you have niche sites instead of a make money online blog. The reason because of the 3 sources it uses, trends, competition, and insight. With those 3 engines working together to find you the best trigger happy keywords, your niche site can be ranked fairly quickly.

Now some of the results are shown in 3 types of colors red, yellow, and green. You want to obviously use the GREEN keywords in your headline title. If you have a very broad topic maybe a yellow keyword can help with your ranking. Even though it gives you your competition with graphs and a percentage number. This way you know your competition.

The best usage for this plugin is for niche related sites and if you do article writing for those sites, then it will help you find the perfect set of keywords to use with your title. The best part is you can even get rank even faster within - I have witness my own blog ranking faster on this engine than the traditional Google search.

This plugin alone is just one aspect of your marketing efforts, it will help you get seen by the engines and even get ranked depending on your niche and keywords. Keyword Winner definitely helps you get notice with just a click of a button.

I have Keyword Winner on this blog specifically, this post used the plugin to help me find the perfect title. In essence I can say this plugin is very useful in helping me find the right title to get me noticed right away. I also have been using this with my niche sites that I have been recently creating. This is a tool in my arsenal I can use to make sure I am getting the visibility I need to my sites.

Now imagining combining this with some SEO plugins to help boost your rankings even higher!

Ian Fernando
Involved in the internet space since 2002 and have been through the ups and downs of this online industry. I am a traveling digital nomad, media buyer, online strategist, and many more online titles.

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