Podcast Wars: PPV Traffic within the CPS and CPA Markets

By Ian Fernando

The other day I did a podcast on "both sides of the tracks" about PPV traffic and outsourcing. I believe the next day another podcast went up about PPV and how its a bad way to market. Now the difference here that it was beig spoken from two different angles. I spoke from it on  CPA side where traffic is just another source for volume. While the other podcast talks about how it is obstructive to the end user.

Early, today I had the opportunity to get 2 other people that relies on PPV traffic for their business. We got on a phone call and discuss the circumstances of the traffic, the good, and the bad. We just had an overall discussion about PPV traffic and its uses on the internet.

I got Cashtactics, Kris Trujillo and Stephon Rudd. These guys base their business on strictly PPV and use it to their advantages. Kris came out with the popular product Mass PPV Traffic and Stephon Rudd who also has his own product called Dark Side of PPV, are the ones on the podcast tonight.

Pics form left to right: Kris Trujillo and Stephon Rudd

Since these guys are big time PPV traffic guys, I got them on a phone call to discuss the concept of marketing and why maybe the CPS side of our affiliate industry thinks PPV is bad.

We also discuss, hardcore, on making a good PPV campaign and how to gather leads for future sales. The discussion is about 44 minutes and definitely a good listen. Kris pointed out great reasons why PPV traffic is frowned upon and so does Stephon. Stephon brings out really good points in the beginning on why PPV traffic is cheap and even how others look at with a bad taste in their mouth.

Later we discuss about how pop-ups interface the user and how obstructive it is. But using it the right way isn't being obstructive at all. These guys definitely got in a good podcast and got in a really good discussion about PPV traffic and how to use it to better your business.

One thing I did want to get off my chest was the fact about our industry: CPS vs CPA. Why are methods by the CPA users frowned upon. Why are the CPS markets and CPA industry in such a disconnect where we can not seem to help each other. I feel there is a big age difference as well as content for the user vs direct hard selling.

Everyone markets differently but our affiliate industry is divided in two and see the internet as 2 different variables. Hard selling vs content selling. There are ups and downs for both and within tonight's podcast, we did get some information out about it.

Enough of me chit chatting... I can prob do another post on CPS vs CPA markets... Press Play below and enjoy!

Ian Fernando
Involved in the internet space since 2002 and have been through the ups and downs of this online industry. I am a traveling digital nomad, media buyer, online strategist, and many more online titles.

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