"Porcupines in Heat" with Ken McArthur

By Ian Fernando

I am flying out today from Nebraska and I had the oppurtunity to have a live podcast with Ken McArthur. I sat in his room and had this podcast and did I learn a lot within 40 minutes. Ken McArthur is one of the gurus on Top Affiliate Challenge and he has brought his team to the top of every challenge. Ken is a great guy and surprise to really meet him in person. I can only imagine to meet the big internet marketing gurus and now I have met one of them.

Book CoverBefore I am leaving Nebraska I wanted to get in contact with Ken to discuss his new book, the Impact. This book has a lot of knowledge and from the podcast with Ken, Ken discusses specific aspects of the book which makes sense in marketing or as a person. I personally have not read this, but I will certainly be reading this while I am on the plane or waiting for my next flight. But talking to Ken live, he goes into a lot of detail with a lot of analogies that just hits your head and leave you thinking. Certain quotes or references just keeps your attention for quite sometime.

According to the book description:

How can one ordinary person make a difference in this noisy world?

Some people spread a simple message that is so compelling that their voice is not solo for long. People rally around their message and spread it like wildfire.

Impact reveals the key strategies used by some of the most influential people in the world. These people create measurable and undeniable impact on millions of people. The stories of these people and ordinary people alike, illustrate vital strategies that enable you to create your own legacy.

How does one person touch millions of lives and have an impact on the way people think and act? Many people dream of having that kind of effect on others' lives, but few know how to accomplish it.

Ken and I discuss several factors about the show and marketing in general. We also discuss the aspects of marketing as a whole and how it is divided into smaller 'niche' categories of marketing. We also discuss a certain vocabulary "Porcupines in Heat" which the concept is so simple yet it is rarely really used. When talking to Ken in his room suite, I was in awe at the simple concept but brilliant idea.

Ken also discusses how he first got started and how he created his first digital product. Going and creating digital products created JV partnerships with other business minded users. With that said Ken was able to release JVAlert which provides an intimate connection between business minded users. Which means we also spoke about Joint Ventures and the different variation of Joint Ventures. Our discussion was very informative and I literally walked out of the room with a total new mindset and a lot of new ideas just bursting to come out - too bad I don't have a portable whiteboard.

Play PodCast Below:

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