Pornstars, Let's Do Some Video Blogging!

By Ian Fernando

So tomorrow I will be leaving to head out to Vegas. I am very excited as I am reaching several milestones by attending this Affiliate Summit 2009. I am eager to meet with new people and looking forward to the IANteract Dinner.

So what is my schedule looking like? What am I doing? Well there are several things I am attending and I will be very busy almost everyday I am in Vegas. From the moment I land to the moment I fly back to Jersey! But this is healthy marketing and networking.

I will be leaving tomorrow morning at 10am to catch my flight out of Jersey and land in Vegas around 1:30. I then will be meeting up with a fellow affiliate that I met in Miami and a member of the NJ IANteract Meetup202. From then crashing at the hotel, staying at the Wynn, got a nice suite. Was going to stay at the RIO since it is easier and you should,  since you can take naps in between sessions and dump all your schwag you get. But I wanted to do something different, I believe I was in Vegas about 6 times in 2008.

Once I am headed in the hotel I will be relaxing and grabbing a bit to eat. Then I am meeting up with AdHustler to go to the AEE AVN Convention, hence blog title. It will be interesting since I didn't plan on going to the AVN and definitely look forward to it.


I am only going to be at the AEE AVN convention for a couple hours then probably have dinner with AdHustler and WayneDog. Then after that, Affiliate Summit West 2009 officially starts. There are 3 private parties/gatherings we are attending to kick off Affiliate Summit West and I look forward to try to make it to all of them.

Sunday night starts off with my IANteract Dinner Sponsored by Paradigm Visions Inc. Then more parties I think there is a gathering with TrafficVance and LeadFlash. There are also bigger parties that night I think as well. But every night it is going to be a party, its Vegas!

But other than parties I am actually meeting with several people to talk about a new affiliate project I am working on, I also have a demo to show them too. Most of networks want to talk about as well,  so I will be busy and hope it will be a good turn around. My main goal to get my demo setup right, when I meet with some of the networks I want to do business with on this project.

This year there seems to be a lot of things happening. There are so many parties that is happening and so many things that is just going on, I mean it is Vegas. While I will be busy talking about my site, networking, projects, etc - I will also be ballin out at night.

Last year, Wes from Tracking202 know how I do. We partied hard with his past team and friends. I also balled along Ms. Danielle and met a couple people from the Affiliate Dinner. I just hope that I do not ball out too much because there literally is 15 parties happening every night while Affiliate Summit West is going on.

While I am at Affiliate Summit, the blog will not be updated as frequent. But I will post on twitter and will try to post on this blog on the Summits Events. I look forward to meet up with everyone!

Ian Fernando
Involved in the internet space since 2002 and have been through the ups and downs of this online industry. I am a traveling digital nomad, media buyer, online strategist, and many more online titles.

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