PowerAdSpy Review: the Traffic Ad Spy Tool for your Social Marketing Plan

By Ian Fernando

If the answer is yes, then you are in need of an incredible ad spy tool. We have exactly that in store for you today. The best part is it is for a major social media platform, can you guess it?

PowerAdSpy offers incredible features, which makes it a remarkable ad spying tool. It gives you instant insights into your competitions' behavior, which you can then analyze. PowerAdSpy specializes in one social network that everyone wants to spy on, it is Facebook.

As a result, it is able to provide its users with a marvelous experience in spying activities of your competitors. This is just better than utilizing Facebook's own 'Show Ad Library Button', which can be hard to find sometimes. PowerAdSpy does everything in one simple dashboard.

Before we start with the review I want to show you that I have an account and that I am not just writing this. I actually use this spy tool to advertise on Facebook and Instagram.

PowerAdSpy: an introduction

PowerAdSpy is made for anyone who is looking for insights on a specific niche, maybe specific product, or even specific ad copy. It has a vast database that offers compelling analytics to media buyers, publishers, advertisers, and others.

Remember this tool was birth out of the need for affiliates from an actual affiliate.

As a result, you are better able to understand why your ads are not doing the best. You get to spy on your competitor’s ad set and see what techniques or marketing strategies they are using.

Some strategies you might find is the length of the ads being seen. The engagement the ads are getting, what type of ads they are (eCommerce vs services), etc. Others range from the style of the creative to the ad angles. You will see what ad copy they use and how long they have been advertising!

You get access to the actual ad and how it is categorized.

Consequently, you can implement better techniques and strategies than your competitors and drive all the audience towards your business. The best part is that the tool lets you filter ads so you can find the ones which will help you the most. These filters include: 

Features of PowerAdspy

Demographic and Location-based

You can put up filters to look up ads based on demography and location. As a result, you can look for ads that are doing the best in a specific region that you may be targeting. For example, you can search for ads in just Germany and only targeting women.

This is a highly targeted ad and you can see what advertisers are targeting women in Germany.


If you are unsure about what sort of ads to look for but know the keywords, then you can do searches based on the keywords. You are searching the text in the ad copy itself For example if you want to search gardening, then you simply type in "gardening" and any ads that have that text will show up.

To make it even more precise on what verticals competitors are advertising you might want to search call to action text such as "do this at" and the ads with a call to action saying do this will show up. Now you can find the exact niche people are doing and even products.


You can also filter the ads by the advertisers. Advertiser meaning the name of the Facebook Fan Page. For instance, if you want to get an idea about the marketing strategy of a specific advertiser, like a company like Geico, you can put the name in the filter and the results will show what ads they are pushing.

Date Ranges

Time is a key factor when it comes to online shopping. Most people tend to shop during peak times, such as a holiday or festival season or on weekends. PowerAdSpy tool allows you to look at your competitor’s strategies based on the dates.

This is very powerful when it comes to a holiday for example. Let say you are targeting Valentine's Day, you can backdate and see what ads were being advertised at that time. What offers were being promoted and see if you can replicate their ad strategies.

This is one way to view your competition with PowerAdSpy. Allowing you the versatility to find ads whenever or however you think it is being advertised.

Engagement in terms of likes, comments, and shares

PowerAdSpy also lets you see the ads which have the maximum level of engagement in terms of likes, comments, and shares. In this way, you will get information regarding whether what sort of media is most engaging. Maybe for a particular ad, it is memes that engage the most audience, and for other ads, it is videos that increase engagement. 

The insights into trending ads provided by the PowerAdSpy tool can greatly increase your ROI on your ad sepnd. It gives you support services throughout the submission of your project. If you look around, all the big companies base their marketing strategies by keeping an eye on their competitor’s strategy.

Therefore, PowerAdSpy becomes the best medium to help you base your marketing strategies in relation to your competitors. 

PowerAdSpy easily finds many video ads is trending on Facebook.

This tool also helps you to download these videos. Then you can create types of video ads to attract attention.

The same thing can also happen with graphics displays. This software is also compatible with the CTA-based classification as these CTAs are very important to the success of an advertising campaign and this tool is useful for identifying the CTAs which are required.

If you use PowerAdspy, you will be able to see the segments of the particular target market for each ad that interests you. Ad reach, social engagement statistics, and specific weekly trends on the same page.

Not Just for Facebook

One super-powerful part of PowerAdSpy is the fact that they are improving their tool. Not only does it spy on Facebook but Instagram as well. Instagram is part of Facebook and usually, Facebook will ask you to advertise on Instagram, which naturally you should.

But there are marketers that just advertise on Instagram and that is why you need to also look at IG ads as another part of your marketing strategy.

Besides those 2 powerful social media platforms, you have now Google and Youtube ad spy! Others include Native and soon Quora and Reddit ads! This is the only spy tool that is forever always upgrading and making sure it is keeping up with the ad inventory space.

Three are just way too many features to break it down. I suggest to check out the full feature list here. I want to mention the best filters so you get an understanding of how powerful this spy tool is.

PowerAdSpy Pricing

PowerAdSpy covers all major social media platforms, including Facebook, Google, Instagram, and YouTube., plus they are always adding other sources to spy on.

You have the option to select the plan that works best for you according to the social media platform you need to spy on.

The best part is that it has a testing plan which is free. It allows you to have a limit of 20 searches. You can use these to test on all of the four social media platforms and see what works best for you. Once you are familiar with the features and performance, you can choose from the following paid plans: 

  • Basic Plan - $49 per month
  • Standard Plan - $99 per month
  • Premium Plan - $149 per month
  • Platinum Plan - $249 per month

The basic plan is the most economical of the lot. It costs you. However, this plan is only limited to Facebook ads, which you are probably looking for. It offers features such as sorting ads by likes, shares, and comments, keyword searches bookmarks, etc. 

The other plans have their perks for example if you get the Platinum plan you get all the spy tools you may need and future upgrades to other spy tools. Standard and Premium have upgraded with additional spy tools added as well. I would specifically choose what you need, here is a break down of their pricing models.

Now it depends on what you are focusing on. For example, if you only work with Facebook then the basic plan is really all you need, it is probably what most marketers chose right now. If you advertise everywhere or create an advertising ecosystem then Premium or even Advanced might be the best bet.

Make sure you understand how you want to advertise do not jump in buying the best when you only need the goods of one advertising platform.

Ian Fernando
Involved in the internet space since 2002 and have been through the ups and downs of this online industry. I am a traveling digital nomad, media buyer, online strategist, and many more online titles.

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