PPC Bully: The Gangster of Search Marketing

By Ian Fernando

When you do search marketing or PPC marketing it can get very manual. There are just way too many factors to check. When you do search marketing you need to see what keywords are working, varieties of keywords, check the competition and their ads, how many times they are repeated, how often are your competitions ads showing up for what keywords, etc. There is just too many things to check out. In order to pass the competition you need to do the research and do the work, forget that! That is way too much work!

It is affiliate marketing, especially via PPC. Well I have been playing around with a new thug in the industry and this little system is definitely gangster, PPC Bully does all the hard work for you! I have had PPC Bully for a little bit over a month now and I can tell you it has saved me a lot of time.

I usually do not spend money on get a systematic system like these in the past because I personally do not think it will do as it states, after talking to trusted affiliates I have met from Boston and my group, I decided to go ahead and grab it. It seemed a lot of work in the beginning but damn do you get a lot of information from the service. I am no relaxed that I do not have to look at my competitors ads and their copy. I do not have to manually know their keywords, check their adcopy, check the variations of ads, etc. Honestly, that was a lot of work for me, to get a successful campaign up and running you need to study your competition and PPC Bully bangs this work out easily. It literally does all the scouring and imports a lot of data for you to use and decipher. With the gathered data you can determine what your competition is up to.

It is fairly simple and straight to the point - you simply just dump keywords and it does all the work, at the keyword level. Currently this works with only Google but it will be upgraded soon to scour YSM and MSN Search. With PPC Bully right by your side you can easily launch a successful campaign, removing the competition out of sight.

What is PPC Bully?

PPC Bully is an advanced keyword research tool developed by a highly experienced R&D team from Israel. It allows you to see exactly what your competitors are doing, so you can "cash in" on their "test" and launch with the most lucrative combination's possible.

So far I have setup 2 niches on there and it has pulled an immense of data that I definitely would have missed. The system works either with direct linking or with landing pages. With direct linking, it actually tells you what network it is from and if it is an affiliate link. Most of the time the traffic are all LPs. But there are some people that do DL on search - you can find out who and what their LPs look like.

The only downside is to get good data to use is you have to wait for it to gather data. BUT it really isn't a downside since you would be doing this at a much slower rate. Getting a weeks worth of data is good, but getting a months worth of data is even better! It has such an immense range of data that you will be studying your competition for a good while, just because of curiosity.

You get to look at successful ad copy, successful keywords, even optimize an LP that your competition is using. The best part is you can launch a successful campaign and not worry about trial and error! Obviously affiliate marketing is all testing, with PPC Bully it does the testing for you and you decide what is successful or not.

Have you been to the PPC Playground lately!

Ian Fernando
Involved in the internet space since 2002 and have been through the ups and downs of this online industry. I am a traveling digital nomad, media buyer, online strategist, and many more online titles.

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