PPC is Not Just for Affiliate Marketing

By Ian Fernando

When you hear PPC, a lot of us think about affiliate marketing. A lot of affiliates want to use PPC to speed up their affiliate income. It is far better than SEO as it provides faster results and faster return. But other companies are using PPC as a source of fast traffic, especially if they are a startup. Some are using PPC to just advertise their own products or new websites. PPC is not just for affiliate marketing.

I found out at Affiliate Summit that most affiliates want to learn and use PPC to increase their income with affiliate marketing. While I was able to talk to 1 email marketer, a majority of affiliates look to PPC for traffic. But why not use PPC to market just your own product, it is what I am doing as well. I have several products and I currently have 3 of my better products on the Google and MSN search network.

Promoting my own products on the search networks provides full net, since I am not direct with the advertisers or going through a network. One of my earlier successful products was a great success with the Build a Niche Store niche. I was doing very well with it, but I specifically did not promot it via PPC, currently I am. Now I am getting a lot of traffic and a lot more conversion. I have recently released a new digital product in which I am currently riding the craze trend and benefiting from it.

As I said prior 3 products I have created are being promoted via PPC. I feel PPC is not strictly for just affiliate marketing, it is masked as it is made for affiliate marketing. The ads are made by other companies and other smaller businesses. They are competing against us, but are there more affiliate related ads on the search network, possibly. I use search networks to promote and diverse my visibility.

Pay Per Click can provide your business with a lot of new customers and a lot of new prospects. I enjoy using PPC as it provides fast results for analytics. A lot of marketers use PPC as a bridge page prior to an affiliate offer (Google is monitoring these types of sites). Affiliates either capture leads to promote to these people later on. There are affiliates that want to capture only serious buyers and users, creating the bridge page helps filer out good vs bad traffic.

I personally enjoy using search marketing as a good source for promoting my own products, since it is rapid traffic for me to do more research and helps me analyze the type of users coming to my landing pages. Instead of doing standard SEO and waiting for the traffic I can target the proper traffic to my sites and figure out what to improve. Also I personally do not look at PPC as an affiliate source, more so as a way to get faster traffic that is more targeted, in which affiliates are interested in.

Ian Fernando
Involved in the internet space since 2002 and have been through the ups and downs of this online industry. I am a traveling digital nomad, media buyer, online strategist, and many more online titles.

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