PPC Rumble: Chitika, WidgetBucks, TTZMedia

By Ian Fernando

Ever since the guest post on Shoemoney.com on driving traffic to your Build a Niche Store, I have been getting emails on other subjects as well. For example users are asking my stats for my PPC campaigns. I do not do that well with my PPC campaigns on BadCircuit.com, but hey there are results but not very impressive.

But I will compare the 3 PPC campaigns that I am using on my POS store I mean my BANS. The three are Chitika, WidgetBucks, and TTZMedia. I will even show you some stats that I have received in the past week. PPC is a very easy way to earn money, you just need a high amount of traffic and a high amount of CTRs. Without those then your PPC campaign will really not grow. Since PPC is not base off on affiliate commission, only per click basis, the eCPC will be of course lower. This is safe for the company that is providing the PPC campaigns to you.

The above thumbnails are my stats for the specified PPC campaigns I am participating in and displaying on my BANS website. Below will be a breakdown of my experience with a weeks worth of data. I will also have my favorite, which sticks out the most from the rest. Also each campaign is only on my BadCircuit.com store, so no other sources are interrupting this data. Even WidgetBucks has its own campaign within itself.

This is John Chow's affiliate system, or PPC Campaign. TTZ Media has a great layout and layout for others to look at. The campaign is base on a keyword base and not on internal content. This means you have to specify the ad with keywords of what you want it to show. Others will scour the page for targeted keywords and provide the output. Also, this system is kind of brand new and there are still qwerks within the ads. For example I sometimes get blank images on my ads, but they are working on it.

My Stats for TTZMedia:

Views on here are considered impressions, I have 2 versions of TTZMedia on BadCircuit.com so this number will be slightly higher than my 2 other campaigns. Also I am not sure if the impressions are per picture that is shown or each ad campaign. From what you see here my earnings so far is $2.55 with a 3.10% CTR, that is really good and it is actually pretty high for the standard .22% CTR. I think that is the standard or average I mean. This is also for just the days my store was up for the weekend of Black Friday.

The only thing that concerns me is my PPC, it is only at .15 cents. I think this is the steady PPC campaign on my TTZMedia campaign. Not sure if this is what others are getting as well. I also do not know if it is base on the average products clicks etc. I am still reading the TOS earnings of TTZMedia.

WidgetBucks also gave me a higher CTR of 1.88% with 480 impressions. Their PPC payout is at .28 cents, higher than what Mr. Chow wants to give me. Also WidgetBucks scans the current web page and provides you with relative ads. This is very helpful because you just need to paste the code on your web page.

The screen shot shows you 3 campaigns, the one we want to look at is the middle content labeled, Electronic Goodies, this is the campaign that is on my Build a Niche Store. Another aspect that I like about WidgetBucks is I can choose a specified category instead of it scanning my web page for keywords. I am currently doing this on another website that I am currently building and testing.

This only issue I have with WidgetBucks is the load time. The load time tends to slow my website a little, any widget will slow your website down. So since it takes time to load and lags my website I am kinda of on the verge of removing it, but since it earns (not substantial) I may leave it on.

Chitika is one of my favorite ones because each click has a different PPC. The screen shot shows each CTR with Average CPC then the eCPM. This makes it more valuable to me because I have more data than what the others are showing. This to me is great because each click is higher than any of the other PPC campaigns I have on BadCircuit.

Chitika offers multiple sources of ads to help you with your layout and design. I tend to use multiple product emini malls because it require interaction by the user, which can cause a faulty click, which means money for me! The fact buyer can interact is in an ad is great because they tend to have a choice, and buyers always want choices. WidgetBucks also have that interaction, but it is flashy - who likes flashy.

The only drawback with Chitika is you have to choose a specific category on what you want to display. It does not do keywords or scour your page for keywords, only category. My solution for this is randomizing the category number within the ad script. This makes the script more universal to your buyers, it is too bad I can not test which category does better over another.

But again with Chitika I have the average CTR of what others may have with conversions and PPC campaigns. I think these stats shows chitka has a better campaign than others because there is interaction and each day there is an average CPC. So my earnings can vary per day, unlike others it seem there is a steady PPC.

With my BANS, I have done well with selling via ebay. It is too bad I am unable to see what buyers are buying. This can help me in multiple ways so I can chose better keywords or adjust the front page listings etc. Also, I do not just have PPC campaigns on my BANS, I also have other CJ affiliate on there. The best thing about BadCircuit.com it does not look like any other arbitrage websites, it actually looks like a website. This is critical to get good CTRs and conversions. Though I did not get good stats with my PPC campaign, but it is still young

Ian Fernando
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