PPV: MediaTraffic's Conversions

By Ian Fernando

I have been playing around with PPV lately and I am pleased with the traffic and conversion rates. I honestly wasted around $200 to test a bunch of offers to see what works and what doesn't until I found a way to get positive conversions, currently 178%. (on one campaign, time stamp: 11/19/08 | 09:57am) It seems there are things on PPV which will work that will not work on PPC or even GCN. Trying to adjust the mindset of thinking PPC to a different source of traffic can be a bit difficult.

So I tested a bunch of offers from several networks, I even tested polls, landing pages, simple jump pages, etc. Right now it seems direct linking works the best and so I am sticking to that. Below is an image of what I went through in a weeks time. There are other PPV stats weeks prior that is just all red or red with a hint of green. But below is the past 7 days stats for just PPV, as you can see from the drop down.

You can see I started a new campaign and deaded another campaign on the 12th and the 13th. I started a couple new ones and slowly started receiving traffic. As days pass, conversions weren't there but started to jump, not sure how exactly MediaTraffic's system works. I was trying to talk to Basil at Ad-Tech but always seemed busy. Anyways, I started to see conversions on the 3rd day and was excited like hey PPV is working! So I optimize my campaigns a little and filtering out offers, tomorrow's post on how.

I basically took a bunch of similar offers and weighted each one, then base on performance I gave priority to the ones that converted vs the ones that didn't. So this was the best way to test and see what offer's LP converted over the others. Since I was getting a ton of traffic at .015 cent each I figured a days worth of data is good enough to figure out what offer converted vs what didn't.

I am now looking to expand into PPV and join other PPV networks to see performance, I just need to better understand PPV and how the network chooses its unique visits. This way I can get a better understanding and better target leads. But now since the traffic has been consistent and I been converting, I been converting even higher because of a unique script I have, which I want to give it to Prosper202 with any programmer out there that would like to implement it! Let me know!

But this script, which I will talk about and provide tomorrow is basically a weighted script which rotates offers. The thing with this script it doesn't just rotate offers it actually rotates base on performance, which I enter manually - programmer and affiliates you see where I am going with this! So the script basically just checks who deserves the traffic and then up comes the offer. This way it tells me what offer does better than another, or what networks' offer does better than another. More tomorrow...

But MediaTraffic has seemed to give me new views on PPV, just wished I am able to talk to my account rep or atleast respond to my emails. But I learned on my own to optimize so forget him, but still would like to have a chat on MediaTraffic's system.

Ian Fernando
Involved in the internet space since 2002 and have been through the ups and downs of this online industry. I am a traveling digital nomad, media buyer, online strategist, and many more online titles.

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