Presenting at the Affiliate Meetup in Oklahoma City

By Ian Fernando

So I have been given the opportunity to present at the Affiliate Meetup in Oklahoma City. This is being held by RevenueAds and Ndustry Clix. I will be traveling to Oklahoma to this event. It is a one day event with advertisers, affiliates, presentations, and free booze. The event is being held on March 19th, which I will be flying in.

I was kinda of hesitant of participating in this event because it is in Oklahoma, what is there really to do in Oklahoma. I have been to Nebraska which is a state up. I hated being in Nebraska... so I was just thinking will it be the same in Oklahoma?

I have been in communication with Mike of NDustry Clix and he stated the March Madness event is being presented the following Saturday. Which is pretty cool since i have never been to one of their shows.

So I decided to accept their proposal and see what Oklahoma got in stores for me. Presenting with me will be Murray Newlands, he is one of the other presenters that will be presented at this meetup. So I will be at this local meetup and it will be interesting to see local affiliates in the Oklahoma area.

So what will I be doing in Oklahoma... Really not sure... I will be meeting up with some local affiliates there and I guess they will show me the ropes of what to do in Oklahoma. Since it isn't anything like Jersey or New York, I may be bored out of my mind or have a blast.

Also, today I finished my presentation for the event and I will post it up on once I return back form the meetup. I will also try to get it recorded if I can and post it on Youtube. It should be a good event... I was undecided on what topic to talk about, since I do not know the skill level of the attendees attending.

The one thing though is Oklahoma steaks better be good! Its a cow state isn't it?

Are you attending? Register if you are in the Oklahoma area or want some insight in the affiliate industry. Plus I don't think I have ever met an affiliate from Oklahoma.

On a side note lots of free stuff... food beer prizes ... now who doesn't like free?

Ian Fernando
Involved in the internet space since 2002 and have been through the ups and downs of this online industry. I am a traveling digital nomad, media buyer, online strategist, and many more online titles.

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