Presenting at the Performance Marketing Expo

I know this is down the line, but I want to let everyone know about the Performance Marketing Expo in Miami that is going to be taking place in September. First of all, I love Miami and having a conference there will be just a killer time. Especially in September when it starts to get cold in New Jersey, I do not mind at all.

I tend to go t Florida that time of year anyways. Well this is a first that I have heard about PME. I have heard they are one of the biggests expo/conference/convention producers in the US but never really made one for the Affiliate Marketing side.

This will be their first real expo into the performance marketing side. I am very excited about this just because it is in Miami and definitely excited about how the growth of a new Affiliate conference is springing up.

I will be presenting as a keynote speaker on a panel with other great marketers such as Kris Jone of Pepperjam. Currently they have a good list of speakers that will be presenting at this expo. I recognize a bunch of names such as Shai from Unique Leads and Stephen from Copeac. You can see a the list of speakers here…

The fact that it will be in Miami will be a killer event, I know there are a lot of things to do in Miami. I have been their several times throughout the year – especially if it gets cold in Jersey. So I know a couple good places and I have good relationships with a lot of marketers there as well.

I definitely look forward to this one and see how it pans out.

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