Affiliate Marketing Forum Review: AFF Playbook

By Ian Fernando

Last week I wrote if paid forums are worthwhile. Today I finally got to the video making and post of a paid forum I said I would post and write about. This forum started out when PPV was a popular and was the new kid on the block when it came to traffic sources. The main training and tools of this forum was for and specifically for PPV. Sorry been hella busy. 

As time grew and members asked about other traffic sources, they expanded and now call themselves aff playbook, standing for affiliate playbook. This private forum is all about affiliate marketing and all about helping out noobs profit within their first month.

Watch the lengthy video below... 10 minutes about I think...

... watch videos of webinars in their forum

  1. Community: The community is very well verse. There is a good mix of veteran affiliates, networks, noobs, and intermediates. David is always in there sharing case studies, scheduled webinars, saying hi, and talking about new strategies. It is almost like a group of people who want to expand and grow. The user base here I feel are more beginners. David makes each user participate by allowing users to obviously ask questions. One aspect is he gets his whole forum to try and participate in a contest, encouraging users to try out new traffic sources and be profitable. With each contest David and Corey help each member out with their questions.
  2. Content: This is a forum. There are post in here which are stickies which talks about specific case studies, how traffic sources work, but the heart is the community. The content here, isn't who makes the most money. It has always been how, why, are you type of responses. Meaning everyone in the forum is helping a member out in some way. Members go in depth about their campaign and receiving a lot of feedback from other members on how to monetize it. There are seasoned veterans and networks in the forum as well helping out, making sure aff playbook members become super affiliates. BUT there are lessons in the forum, which you can read if you are a total beginner. It has a good set of content from creating banners, simple tips to increase productivity, understanding CTRs, playing with pay per call, etc. This thread is also updated often when new traffic sources change or if there is a new strategy discovered which can help a beginner.
  3. Tools: In the video, I show one attribute that I like about AFF playbook, its the tools by Aff Portal. These tools are what makes the forum because without tools it can be hard monetize and test your campaigns. One tool I really like is the Social intelligence tool which finds ads being advertised on Facebook. This tool is amazing in itself. There are other tools as well such as a keyword tools, optin creator, etc. The tools here are very straight forward and are accessible for members of Aff playbook. The majority of the tools are meant for PPV traffic, but since the expansion of AFF Playbook, AFF Portal tools have also grown.
  4. Pricing: At $67 a month, this is well worth it, knowing Affportal by itself is at $37 a month. You get both the community of Aff Playbook and the tool at Affportal. The tools by themselves are even worth it. The dedication David has to his members is also well worth it. You can literally join, post a welcome post and David will be in there 5 minutes later saying welcome - he's dedicated!

Over all this forum is very calm meaning, I think there are more worthy questions being asked and a lot of members provide their own insights to other members. There are a lot of users within this forum that started earning after their first month and continue to grow. David and Corey really did a great job at promoting, maintaining, and helping their members accomplish their goals.

There is only one thing I wish it did have and that is more of an advertiser channel in the forum. I go in this forum and help out and I also seek knowledge, but at a higher level. I will be talking about another forum which is very well verse and meant for a higher breed of affiliates but also a very powerful forum overall. Stay tuned, but see what Aff Playbook can help you with.

Ian Fernando
Involved in the internet space since 2002 and have been through the ups and downs of this online industry. I am a traveling digital nomad, media buyer, online strategist, and many more online titles.

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