Product Launch: Adding Personal Trust with Video

By Ian Fernando

With any product launch you have to appear to all the masses and even people that are not part of your blog readership, email list, twitter followers, facebook fans, etc. So there has to be a quick feel of trust right away once you introduce them to your sales letter. The reason for this is because, who are you to them. To someone that does not know your status, can assume you are just like everyone else.

Well brand and credibility is at risk once they land on your sales page. How to overcome that? Well, video is the best way to introduce yourself to the audience and being natural and real. Gary Vaynerchuk does a great job at video and being himself. While a lot of marketers do read off a teleprompter, speaking form the mind and heart is the most important and the audience will realize that.

With Twitter Snipe being recently released, I wanted to create comfort and trust right away with social branders marketers that are not regular readers of or any other social sites I am on.


Video creates a sense of enjoyment and personal attraction to the user you are speaking to. This is because we show more than text, video shows emotion and reactions. Someone can tell if you are reading off a script or if you are just wining it.

There is also a sense of characterization. You as a person can tell if I am just fluff or if I am serious. Video is a powerful part of media and social marketing. With social marketing being so strong these days it affect the sales of your marketing efforts.

For example if you have seen the dominos video that has been out, it caught media attention. It was interesting and ofcourse disgusting. Bad enough that it was viral. Now a response was made from the president but it wasn't natural, even Gary states so on his blog.

Video creates a sense where your voice can be determined to be fluff, where your facial structures can make a sale. Even if you are shy you can start off by doing a screencast tutorial. I myself has evolved from video marketing and I think I have easily conquered my fear and dfinitely improved! Just check out my growth > my YoutTube Channel, over a year in videos.

Video gives user and your audience a way for you to socially connect without yu being really there. You convey a message and your voice, interaction, words, and reactions gives the trust to your viewers. There are a lot of video guys out there that does everything from script, I found myself doing it off the top of my head. The reason is because it is easier and there is no pressure.

Reading something pressures yu to be perfect and you may be repeatedly doing a video which probably takes 1 minute. Doing it off the top is far easier because you are speaking form what you know and experience and not something you wrote to sound more better or even professionally.

As you can see my videos are just me talking and almost about anything, I put my attitude and my voice out there for others to view without a care on what they may thing. Video gives you a huge advantage over a lot of marketers because you are creating credibility right away.

The above video for Twitter Snipe, was made in Miami behind some fancy hotel, I just walked in and walked to the back and started doing video. I didn't have anything pre written, I just did it off experience and knowledge I have gained. Video is personal and so should you.

Ian Fernando
Involved in the internet space since 2002 and have been through the ups and downs of this online industry. I am a traveling digital nomad, media buyer, online strategist, and many more online titles.

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