Product Launch: I am Better Than You!

By Ian Fernando

Another product launch formula by Ian Fernando. Well tonight I will talk about being the expert and letting everyone know that. Also calling out the buyers as 'lesser' than you. It plays around with their emotions and it pushes them to become the better person and try your success.

Instigating to someone that you are better, shows off. Remember when you were a kid a bigger person called you a loser and the next day your minute, you want to try your hardest to be the best! Another example is you are the smallest person in a gym and you see all these heavy weight lifters that are bigger than you. The next day you are at the gym you push yourself to do more reps, do more push ups, increase your bench, etc. You want to be at their level or be better!

I personally think this works for almost any niche. Just claim to be better than your target niche.


The above image, shows a small intro and calls out all users that are related to the niche or demographic. Since twitter is a social platform I am at social marketers and branders. The most important part is I am targeting users who want to be experts. The reason for this is because a lot of twitter followers 'think' high numbers means big credibility. This is true but to an extent, especially if a follower is interested in gardening but the credible person is a pyro expert.

So the above image targets a specific crowd. Why I do not target marketing in general? Simple cause twitter is not for all marketers, it is mostly used as a communication tool. Marketers market but there are also authors, businesses, public speakers, on twitter - they are more concerned about brand. Which I think was a good move on my part to chose social branders instead of just marketers.

The next image is a quick intro and basically degrading the person that is reading your sales page. I do this because I want to in-fuel the reader and get them active in either buying or


You basically call the person out and instigate that person a second time. The attitude of that person changes but positive for your sales letter. Again it is all about messing with someones head and emotions. These simple texts create almost an animosity between you and your buyers. Your buyers will read on to see what you have to say and see if you are wrong. (reason why yur sales letter needs to be perfectly written to reflect it's attitude)

By me saying to the buyer they are non credible, I call them a nobody and they sense that right away and they either feel guilt or jealousy. These emotions you want to take advantage of so you can simply leverage it. After such instigating words, your buyers will forget that intro once they start reading through your sales letter.

Now there is also a downside to this because feeling better than someone when you are trying to help them can mean losing customers. Some customers will be full of themselves and won't even read the sales letter because of such strong headings. I feel that these headings are in the right 'aura' and doesn't harm ones emotions too much. But test several ones out and see which ones work out better.

But I always use some sort of negative instagator between my prodcut and the buyer, it shows that they are the ones that need this product. Remember it is all about targeting and targeting the buyers from just the window shoppers is important.

Ian Fernando
Involved in the internet space since 2002 and have been through the ups and downs of this online industry. I am a traveling digital nomad, media buyer, online strategist, and many more online titles.

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