Product Launch: Write for 3 Types of Buyers

By Ian Fernando

Your audience can vary and everyone that comes to your site are very different in every way. So how can you target the users that are reading your sales page? Well, from my experience I notice and learned there are 3 types of viewers that visit your site. They are the naive readers, scrollers, and visual readers.

These three main types of people are the majority of users that come to your sales page. You need to compel them right away and the reason why you will notice sales pages are written almost in a way where it attracts a majority of the viewers. Every time you go to a sales page you see those centralized big quotes in between normal texts,maybe highlighted yellow with red texts, or maybe it just shorts sales page with more graphics.


So let us dissect the 3 types of viewers that are reading your sales letter. First there are those readers who read your whole sales page from the header to the footer. These viewers will read everything because they do not know who you are or are curious as to what you have to sell, or most likely they just like to read. These are known as the standard reader.

Standard/Naive Readers

These viewers will either read to find something wrong within your sales letter whether it be a spelling error or using a context out of place. They will find something wrong or try to. While others will just read your sales page. These viewers are the most basic and most easy people to sell too because they are spending time on your site.

If they spend more than a minute on your sales page and your copy is selling, on every word they are reading then you can easily make a sale. Using the right context and right attitude in your sales letter can get your viewers to be pushed into a buying mood. You have to get them excited and get them eagerly wanting your product. Again it just takes excitement for a viewer to push them in a buying mood. Your prospects are already on your site because they are interested or curious, which is enough to get them to your site. Now you have to sell once they are on your sales page.

They say it only takes 3 seconds for a person to be interested in your site. Well, it really does and you have to capture them while they are on your site, most of the time these readers are scroller readers.


Scroller readers are the types that scroll through your sales page without reading the header, headline, highlighted texts, they just scroll. So how to you write to these types of people that do not want to even read what you have to say? Simple MAKE IT BOLD AND BIG BUT IN SECTIONS.

You know you see those big bold quotes in the middle of the page that say something like "I Made 1k in 1 Hour" or something like that. It is in the middle of regular texts and it is usually HUGE! The reason this is done because we want the scrollers to read something.

Scrollers are visual readers, so images and big texts is what they are attracted to. That is why testimonial boxes are graphical or a specific color, or that is why you got boxes that are dashed. Scrollers are visual readers. Big texts attracts them.

BUT the big texts has to flow properly with your sales letter you can't say something at the end of the sales page that is suppose to be at the top. It still needs to flow.

Talking about scrollers as visual readers, visual readers are very picky.

Visual Readers

These are the most picky readers, they only read things that catches their eyes very graphically. For example lists and images with texts are what only attracts these types of readers. They like reading testimonials, ordered lists, and seeing buttons and pictures. That is why ebook covers are important to some sales letters and you see like a library collection of ecovers put together, when in reality its just 1 download.

These visualizers just want to feel your sales page is official. You spend money to create a great product. They stereotype by simply saying that if you do make money you have to spend money for your product. Meaning they want to see a glamoring sales page because you are a so called expert.

They want to assure themselves you spend money to make or claim your expertise in your product. These visual readers just read ordered lists, testimonials, your guarantee, even the HUGE text in between contexts. They even spot out the highlighted yellow but are more geared towards images.

These 3 types of viewers are form my experience and I have made several products in the past with old and new sales pages. So I am just speaking out of my experience. But I believe these are these 3 types of people that come to your sales page and are in the mood to buy or you have to grab their attention.

Now the hard part is to combine your sales page to include all three but flow properly that it doesn't interrupt the traditional writing flow or sales flow. You should not mention something out of context. Will talk about sales page flow later on.

Ian Fernando
Involved in the internet space since 2002 and have been through the ups and downs of this online industry. I am a traveling digital nomad, media buyer, online strategist, and many more online titles.

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