Project: Custom Facebook Fan Page Themes

When 765 width Fan Page was the shizzy back in the day, I wanted to have themes for these pages. I use Facebook Fan Pages as actual mini websites to capture leads and to drive traffic to an affiliate offer. The only problem is I was consistently creating my own. There was no template or even a basic template to start off with. I decided I would create such a marketplace and I bought an amazing domain, but haven’t done anything with it until now.

Introducing Fan Page Themes!

This is a project that I recently started. When I was researching for Fan Page templates, I kept finding WordPress engines and ‘guru’ style templates. Garbage. I wanted something that was authentic and brandable. So I asked my designer to create a simple one for me and he came up with a really simple and nice concept. I thought, I bet we can turn Fan Page themes into a WordPress style theme marketplace. We would remove the ‘guru’ concept everyone else pushes because fan page themes targets everyone from music artists to home gardeners.

Growing a brand online is easier than ever especially with the power of social media. Facebook, being one of the biggest social platforms out there is a great place to start to grow a brand or an online presence. But sometimes it is hard because there is no presence, so with a fan page the brand recognition is automatically brought to life. I thought that if a user has a brandable page, they can be easily trusted.

Fan Page Themes is a marketplace of themes and templates for Facebook Fan Pages. It isn’t a wordpress plugin where you can create a fan page from within your WordPress site. These are actually themes in which you can download and easily install within your new Fan Page. We have a community forum and easy directions to follow when installing and creating your first fan page.

Fan Page Themes are…

  • a great way to quickly brand yourself
  • pre made templates, so you don’t spend hundreds on a designer
  • simple. Quickly install it right after download
  • fresh and clean, quickly relating to the end user
  • fun!

With the new changes Facebook is doing with their Timeline, branding will be more important for big businesses and your online venture. If you are a musician or a blogger, with the new changes Facebook is doing – online presence will be the most important. How brandable are you and are you utilizing your Fan Page the right way?

we have an affiliate program too!

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