Push Case Study on ZeroPark's Traffic Platform: Part 2, Direct Linking vs Pre Lander

By Ian Fernando

Continuing my ZeroPark case study from the other week, I am doing a follow up on what I have been doing. After some data has been provided I wanted to start clearing some bad positions.

For example, you want to look at the data and see what does not fit. But let get into something and breakdown some platform terms inside ZeroPark so you know what I am referring too.

There are 2 parts, you have, for example, me as the publisher with this blog being a push source. So this might be confusing. If I have several blogs, each of those would be considered targets, while me the owner of these blogs will be the source.

The only problem is that for example, I have this blog about affiliate marketing, I have another blog about health, and another blog about crypto. I am the owner but each is its own niche technically.

At this point, it is best to block the source than the target.

Well, I hope that a mini explanation helps cause the next step in my mini ZeroPark case study is adding a lander to my link rotation. Overall, at the end, when I started with direct linking, it already started to convert.

I wanted to see if I added a lander will it do better. Here are the results.

Over time, I adjusted the % of visibility from a direct link to the lander. The direct link seems to always work. So I reduced it further and let it sit another day or 2 I think. Still, there are clicks on the lander but no conversion.

I simply kept it at the direct link and now I wanted to optimize the targets and sources. I am using Landing Track which is doing most of the optimization but I have to set the rules. I usually go by some standard rules base on the CPA.

After the rule setting and some manual overview and adjustments, I let it run for another day and results was pretty immediate. Already I qualified ZeroParks sources and found some good ones.

In just the adjustment base on spend per target, I removed a lot of unwanted sources and then got 3 conversions with high profit.

Also when I talked to my affiliate network manager, I am waaaay above the networks EPC but then again this was just after 1 day of optimizing and hopefully the week I should also do better as well.

I thought it should have been smooth sailing but of course..... the conversions just died.

After those adjustments, I got stuck again and I decided now to test creative angles. I was basically using creative angles I found via Anstrex Push spy tool. I saw the same campaign running and decided to use what they are using.

It was working but then I needed to throw my own twists and see if I can get more clicks and hopefully some more conversions.

I ended up adding 2 more and then getting the same ad ctr results. The only difference only 2 creatives provided the conversions.

So I paused one and let the other 2 run. They continue to convert overall. I am going to reoptimize base on the sources and then I will see if one creative does better than the other. Even not curating time of day as well as I notice push clicks don't really happen right away when the impressions are served.

As you can see there is a lot that is going one that I have to think of, there is more in-depth optimizing like creative to targets, testing specifically apples to apples. I also even used some tips from Attila about how to cap source budgets. In the end, I have to see if I can get this profitable enough to continue running.

Stay tuned for the next set case study on ZeroPark.

Ian Fernando
Involved in the internet space since 2002 and have been through the ups and downs of this online industry. I am a traveling digital nomad, media buyer, online strategist, and many more online titles.

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