Ramblings and I get to Test Drive the Mercedes C 350

By Ian Fernando

It is Friday, and again more things on my mind that I wanted to write about but would lead to small posts. So I decided to write them down and post small ideas about them. Also there were some great blogs out there that have reviewed my blog. I will also list them as well, and to a post that I have enjoyed reading about on their blog as well.

First I would like to go into a mini review of the blogs that have reviewed me or spoken about me during this week. If you want to get a mini review on this blog, simply follow this link.

My Mini Review of the Blogs that have reviewed me!

Desty Online:

Desty Online is a blog about online and offline marketing. It has the retro John Chow design, so it makes for easy navigation. I enjoyed reading making money with blogging via affiliates. It drew away from using your blog as a source of traffic and to focus on other aspects of marketing. It gives a greater view on how to look at affiliate marketing, thought very basic it's a great intro. Desty aka Shaw - is married with 2 boys. Having a great entrepreneurial mind will definitely grant him success in the future.

Now let the Ramblings Begin!

No time to create my Facebook Advances eCover

Facebook advances ecover is in the works, I am actually working on a project with this ebooks with other fellow online entrepreneurs. I am awaiting their responses. The sole purpose for this is to help use Facebook as a source of income, but not brutalize it as Myspace. Plus Facebook is so much better than Myspace! My Facebook advances post did pretty well and is well in SEO for good Facebook keywords. I also decided in the past that I will turn these posts into an ebook - for a more viral effect.

So the ecover should be done, hopefully.

Facebook and the New York Time Application

The New York Times created a New York Time Quiz application for Facebook.

The quiz is comprised of five questions about yesterday's news. Each question has five answers, and it's up to you to pick the right one. While Google may be one click away, you're urged to figure things out on your own.

I can tell you not a lot of facebooker's watch or read the news. They probably do not even know what news is. 🙂

Test Driving the Mercedes C Class tomorrow

From the Confirmed eMail:

Get ready for a driving experience unlike any other. You will be among the first to put the all-new 2008 C-Sport to the test and experience its combination of cutting-edge style and exhilarating performance, all in a sales-free environment.

Google Search after RSS FeedBurner

I have noticed lately a Google search box under my RSS feeds, specifically to the ones that have their feed registered with FeedBurner. Since FeedBurner was bought by Google, I guess a search box is necessary underneath the feed?? Argh it's just annoying to have it there. Why Google Why!

Text Link Ads Using Javascript

Logging into my TLA account to look at more websites to purchase links from. Still testing. I found that TLA is using a javascript base to display their banner ads and even text. Click the image below. TLA is really getting annoying, if they do this that means replacing my affiliate code will not make sense, since it's all javascript, ARGH! TLA is really getting annoying, they need to start to re think and say this idea is a bad idea for prior affiliate marketers! Click the Pic!

I hate it when Blogs do not have an EASY way to contact them

I am releasing a new digital product soon and I have made a pretty good JV letter/proposal. So I decided to give it a test to some bloggers and internet marketers. The first website I went to had no way of contacting them! If I have to hunt and go through a maze to find a contact form or mere email address, then I will just leave - I want it to be easily viewable and easily accessible.

Hmmm if you are worried about spam - I suggest reading this post about a great fancy submit form. But I was a little annoyed I was unable to contact the person, since I did like their blog. I mean I will not contact anyone. I research first.

Host Color LLC bought an Ad Space

Host Color bought an Ad space! They have contacted me direct and wanted to know if I will put their banner on my website. I simply provided them my OIOPub link, and they have purchased an ad space. You can view their banner on my blog or to the right, right underneath Feature Sites. Want to put your banner or website on my blog? View Here

Nikon CoolPix L11 movie Format ONLY MOV

I was creating a video blog and exported the video to my PC, when I wanted to edit with Windows Movie Maker - it was rejected! I was piss. The file my New Nikon camera converts the video to MOV, a QuickTime extension. I searched for 4 damn days to find the right codecs and the right converter. After several conversion programs and downloads, I found a useful one that works!

This gave me an idea......

Freelancers are slow and still pissing me off

I have contacted my freelancers on the issue I am still having with my script. They stated they have fixed the issue, yet they provided me the same damn script they provided to me last week.

So I contacted them and asked for a refund and now they want to diligently work on my project. One more chance I guess? What do you think? I was going to contact another programmer I met via blogging to see if he can help me out - but let me see how this plays out. I hope they actually fix it this time. I wish I knew PHP and WordPress integration more since I would work on it myself.

The Next Internet Millionaire Video Review Episode 4


Marlon's Marketing Dashboard

Thinking of a Series for Next Week - I will be on Vacation

Next week, Thursday to be precise, I will be going on vacation. I am trying to think of a good series to write about while I am on vacation. I will be going to Panama for a week, and I do not want my blog to be just dead. I am thinking of a "Vacation Blogging, what to do" type of posts. Any ideas?

I want to have the posts done while I am on the plane, so I am trying to think what are some good topics to write about.

What do you want to read about? What are some of your questions?

Ian Fernando
Involved in the internet space since 2002 and have been through the ups and downs of this online industry. I am a traveling digital nomad, media buyer, online strategist, and many more online titles.

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