Ramblings: Death of YPN and OpenAds, Birth of FeedBlaster

By Ian Fernando

Ok, so couple changes with the blog backend wise and per post wise. I was testing Yahoo Publisher Network on my blog and I have been using OpenAds to provide reports to my sponsors, a benefit for purchasing space on my blog. Lately there have been issues with loading of the images and tracking. I am not sure if it was my server and SQL but images were not loading properly. Operatically they would appear and wouldn't. I decided to kill it.

YPN or Yahoo Publisher Network has no targeted ads! I get mortgages on adsense topics, let's be serious, there is no relations to mortgages at all. So I kilt YPN as well! In Yahoo's place I have replaced it with InLine Ads of RSS Feeds. I had this prior but again I wanted to test out Yahoo Publisher Network on my blog.

YPN was a replacement for Adsense on my blog. My Adsense account was making a good heavy amount on my blog about maybe $275 a month; this does not include my other sites. It is hard to get good click through rates on a make money or marketing blogs. The keyword payout is just low. Then when I received a burst in traffic I was cut off from Google. Luckily I was able to get my Adsense account re established.

From then I have decided to re think on how to monetize my blog other than Adsense, again since I was accepted in Yahoo Network for their publisher network I decided to test their PPC campaigns. Like I stated in my prior post, YPN showed me no relevant ads once adjusted into my posts. Even after some time, it still showed no relevant ads.

Why OpenAd's Death?

OpenAds is a great system I just wish my server could handle it or maybe it isn't my server and maybe it is openads itself? Not too sure, but what was happening is the images 125 * 125 buttons would not fully load, sometimes they would and sometime they would not. This is not good especially for my sponsors.

I provide free advertising stats with every button that is purchased. OpenAds automatically emails them their stats within X amount of days. Which is great because I do not have to do anything, setup their account within OpenAds and they get their stats, they can even log into their account and retrieve themselves if they wish on a daily basis.

But since it was slowing my blog and not properly loading images I had to remove their great service. 🙁

I was very sad when this happened because I was able to track which affiliate banner worked better over another, split test links or banner images, provide stats for my sponsors, etc. OpenAds is very simple to use and great for reporting, it is very unfortunate I had to hit the delete button.

Welcome FeedBlaster!

With all the deaths me and one of my partners have released a new plugin for everyone to download. When I have posted about the new type of advertising on my blog, readers have been emailing me about how I am creating the rss box within my post. I usually redirect them to my partner's (Simon) website/project at OIOPublisher.

Before Simon incorporated this feature within OIO, I have used a generic code to help produce the rss feed display. I had to manually change the feed URL and re upload the files for advertisers that have purchased a rss advertise section. When I introduced this idea to Simon, he said it is a great idea to implement with his project.

And he did!

But first he made a mini sample version, a WordPress plugin for just the Feed URL display. He has named it FeedBlaster. From there this plugin will create the box that you see in the upper right hand of this post. FeedBlaster will show any feed url of your choice! You can sell RSS URL Space within your post as I do, get it organized with OIO or just download FeedBlaster. The only thing with FeedBlaster, you will have to enter the Url of the feed manually.

Here is a screen shot of the option section of FeedBlast:

It is very simple all you have to do is enter the feed URL and how many links to show. This plugin was used to help attract some traffic from the two blog rivals in RSS competition, ShoeMoney vs JohnChow. But no response from both parties, this would have definitely helped their RSS feed grow faster.

So I finally have decided to provide this plugin to everyone and Simon can agree this plugin would have helped both parties increase in feed count in the competition of the baddest blog marketer. This plugin is just a small version of what OIOPublisher can really provide to you.

Download: FeedBlast v1.0

Ian Fernando
Involved in the internet space since 2002 and have been through the ups and downs of this online industry. I am a traveling digital nomad, media buyer, online strategist, and many more online titles.

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