Ramblings for Today - Vacation is Over

By Ian Fernando

Now that I am in blogging mode I can attempt to catch up with some emails and start posting. I do have some ramblings I want to share and other issues that need to come up in the next couple weeks. I also need to start marketing the blog more heavily now since this blog has grown and competition is very strong.

Well with that said here are some ramblings that came up.

Google ReInstated my Adsense Acct

I am excited to say that Google has reinstated my Google Adsense account! I actually signed up for Yahoo Publisher Network and was accepted. I do not know now which to use. At lest my arbitrage sites have the adsense codes within them and are now active.

Now I want to decide if I should try to use YPN instead of Google Adsense? Has anyone used YPN and have had any success? Are there enough sites that can be populated within YPN?

Google Search within Ian Fernando

I took down the standard search from my blog and inputted the Google search. I found this from DoshDosh.com and found it really useful. Since now my Google Adsense is up and running I decided to use the Google Search within my blog and see how it does. Maki from Dosh Dosh makes some extra income from it, so I decided to give it a try.

Though I do not see making a lot of money from it - but a new source of income is a source of income.

HTACCESS Generator

Jeremy has created a great tool for beginners on HTACCESS. This is a great tool, I actually found this via BlogFriends on Facebook. Jeremy has done a great job on a guest post and has done a great job on creating this tool for beginners. Its great because you can cloak links with redirects. Do a simple redirect from www to a non-www. For example if you type in IanFernando.com it will redirect to www.IanFernando.com. This is important because it will provide a great score for Google Page Ranks.

I suggest for him to make direction uses for each section.

eBook Issues that I have Been Slacking on

I have been working on an ecover and decided to pass it off to my graphics designer, he created 2 of my ecovers for Forum Marketing and BlackJack Hacks. So now I am waiting for him to create a stunning graphic ecover for this new ebook.

I also have 2 other great ebook ideas too that I want to be done as well, one should be done this weekend, hopefully. The other ebook that I am writing is a great one too base on one of my friends personal experiences, this should be a really good one.

I also have been working with 2 authors on my current ebook which should be released once the ecovers are done. This should be a great ebook as well, just got to start working on the sales page.

I just hope my graphic designer keeps up to date with the demand for my ecovers.

Unpacking my Vacation Stuff

It is tiring to unpack and do the laundry after your vacation. Even clean the house and checking stats and checking email and so on. Unpacking my vacation things I just threw it on the floor and started organizing what needs to go in the first set of wash and what needs to go into the second. I know you do not want to hear this, but hey unpacking can be troublesome.

Emails Emails Emails Emails

I am currently looking at several emails and answering them as I go. I have answered some emails on my free time while I was on vacation and some I just left for when I returned. This morning I sent a couple out and later today I should be finished with the batch of emails that I have received.

A lot was asking about a post I posted on Monday and how it was not a guest post, I will write a post on Editing the Time Stamp within WordPress. Since it seems readers are interested in it.

BlogRush - Looks like they Are Rushing For Real

I received an email, a VERY LOOOONG email about BlogRush upgrades. This is great because I want to see what the upgrades will be. Will BlogRush really send traffic my way? Will it benefit the smaller blogs more so than the bigger guys? BlogRush is still 'ehh' for me.

Ian Fernando
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