Rare Photos of a Marketing Species

Below are some pictures taken while I was at IZEAFest and Blog World. These are rare pictures of a Marketing Species, a rare species with the scientific name ‘Ian Fernando’ has been found. These images are a rare find of what an Internet marketer does when not in front of their computers. These pictures may be offensive to some, while normal to others; depending on the species of marketing they are from.

Below you will notice some of the rare natures of these species. The most common attribute of these breeds is the nature of sticking their tongue out or just opening their mouth. Sometimes a strange pose or a contoured facial structure can be easily noticeable.

My Market Leverage AM: Michael Kelly

ShoeMoney and Ted Murphy

Yea, Shoe is Crazy!

Tris Hussey


This was the only way I would get apicture with him!

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