Re Cap of Ad Tech New York 2008

By Ian Fernando

This is the last conference I am attending. I really want to go to pubcon next week, but I think I will just relax for the time being and start this conference thing again January. Ad Tech 2008, hmmmmmm. I actually like this conference - it was entertaining and educational. There were a ton of networks there, I assumed because they all are in the greater New York Area.

I went up to Queens and stayed at one of my friends house. I basically just took the train to the Hilton in the city. But Sunday night was my first day and I met up with Benny and Frank, we all went to grab something to eat and decided to join the XY7 pre Ad Tech party. It was strange because there was a mechanical bull and you are seeing affiliates being whiplash off the bull - crap it whip someone off so hard, their credit cards flew out.

I also met up with deStone from my NJ IANteract Meetup202 as well as other readers. Upon arriving to the no bull party, there was a huge line. Now I have no patient and I just called someone I know and bam got in - my legs are fragile and I am old =P. I saw some of my affiliate managers at the party. I recently joined some networks and I didn't even know I was talking to my own AMs - until they told me - I felt retarted. ha

The next day I started to go through the weird maze of the conference, having the exhibit halls on 3 floors of the Hilton is not a good idea. It was so compact and crowded, I was going to hit someone because of all the damn bumping. It was also really warm. But I met up with Tracking202 team and we were seeing booths inside like closets and seeing bad booth placement - we literally got lost. There were just a ton of booths geared towards out industry, definitely a go to if you want to know affiliate marketing and media buying.

I met up with so many people and I introduce my self to others. Especially networks because I was promoting as well as talking to the bigger affiliate networks about a new project I am doing. I literally gave out almost all of my business cards to a lot of the networks, there were way too many. There were networks that didn't know what they were talking about especially when it came to offers, types of vertical, back end system - why are you at the show!

I had lunch with and met my all my affiliate managers. Prior to this (sidetracking), Monday was my busiest day ever, meetings after meetings after meetings. I met up with networks and I met up with new networks. I had to shift my meetings around because new networks came in and wanted to talk. So I worked around and tried to accommodate everyone I had originally. I had to cancel all my meetings on Tuesday because I was just out of it - sighs.

Anyways, I met up with cool people like Harrison Gervitz, Ruck of Convert2Media, Max from MoneyBites, and others. I spent most of my day with my Mastermind group as well, especially going to the parties. There were a ton of parties and you can probably see some pictures on flickr. But I missed one party I wanted to go to which was the Money Makers 2 Party with Naughty by Nature. By the 6 place we went I was done. I decided to just head back to Queens and get knocked out.

The next day, Wednesday, I came to the exhibit hall late and just browsed around to the smaller booths I might have missed. I had lunch with my main man from XY7 and Harrington J White. I was still feeling the alcohol on my system but the food helped it. I didn't do much with the exception of just seeing other booths. Later that day I went back to Queens hanged out and went back to Jersey, I am tired - getting old.

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