Re-Inventing the Chow and Shoe RSS Contest

By Ian Fernando

If you read Jeremy's blog at or John Chow at, you know they had a contest with each other. The contest was about who would have the most RSS at the end of 1 month, a RSS subscription challenge. It started on October 1st and ended on the 31st, Jeremy was the one to initiate the contest with Chow.

Well, today as of right now, I am participating in a similar contest with 4 other bloggers and entrepreneurs. The goal of this contest is to obviously gain more readership, but as well get our skills up on trying to gain more readers. Our reader counts are fairly in the same ball game, which makes this contest more fun and exciting. I am going against: Thomas Sinfield, SlyVisions, Internet Babel, and the University Kid. Below is a snapshot of all our reader count at February 4th, 2008. I think I need to turn myself in a cartoon soon.

The main rules are a little different from John Chow and Shoemoney. This contest will be base on the amount of new readership that we gain. For example, currently I have 180 rss readers - if my rss button reaches 200 but Internet Babel reaches 180, InternetBabel would be the winner - he grew his readership numbers. We are not basing this competition on the RSS button but the actual growth from now (02-04-08) to the final date of the competition, which is March 5th 2008.

I was discussing a contest with one of a fellow blogger, Thomas and we have decided to add 3 more contestants to make it more exciting. I also have met 2 great new entrepreneurs and bloggers by this small contest, perfect networking.

In the coming weeks:

In order for me to get more readers, I will be providing more prizes in the coming weeks. Currently I have a contest running to win a premium wordpress theme ending on the 10th. The best part is if you subscribe to my RSS you can win a chance to win this theme. The readers who have written a post about the contest will obviously have a higher chance of winning the theme, but simply subscribing to my feed you can get a chance to win a theme as well.

There will be some more prizes that I will give out and mail out, most of them will only available for viewing within the RSS, so subscribe to get a first glimpse of what prizes maybe released in the upcoming weeks.

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I wish a good luck to all!

Ian Fernando
Involved in the internet space since 2002 and have been through the ups and downs of this online industry. I am a traveling digital nomad, media buyer, online strategist, and many more online titles.

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