Results After Using Keyword Winner – 1st Page!

I talked about Keyword Winner the other day and stated that it is a powerful plugin for SEO people. Since I am getting into SEO for some of my niche sites, I tested it out and the results are in. Short period as well.

The last post I stated I used it to find the perfect headline title. Well the results showed I am first page for “platinum seo plugin”. I am not number 1 but I made first page out of 216,000 results. I think that is pretty impressive. I just wanted to share my results and I just bought the multi license to work on my other sites.

Again, this will work best with niche sites rather than a make money online blog. Since I do have other niche sites, it iwll be installed on all of them! Keyword winner is definitely a plugin to have very easy to use. Enter a set of keywords and it spits out the results you want to see and what you should use base on 3 criteria: Google Insight, Trend, and Competition.

Check out Keyword Winner!

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