Review: Revisiting Adoori's Pop Under Traffic

By Ian Fernando

In the beginning of the year I talked about utilizing a new PPV traffic source called Adoori. With a small budget I was able to get a ton of impressions and utilize the network for some good conversions. I am writing this post now as a full review to their CPM pop under traffic. Since I have used them in the past I have been getting a lot of emails and even questions at trade shows about their traffic.

Adoori focuses on pop under traffic, they are soon going to be focusing on pop up traffic as well. If you do not know what PPV (pay per view) or CPV (cost per view) is, it is simply pop up traffic. You are paying for the impressions and not on a per click basis. You can relate this to banner buys where you are typically paying for impressions. With pop under traffic you are also paying for pops which happens underneath the main browser and not over.

With some or contextual popup traffic you are usually popping above the browser. This quickly breaks the users reaction to the main site they were visiting and forces them to view your landing page or offer. This is why Adoori had made their traffic specifically underneath the browser. It does not force the user to view your page, but eases them into to. Though they are going to be coming out with pop over traffic, their main platform is still focused on pop under.

If the user is done browsing the website, they see your ad after they have closed their main browser. This doesn't annoy the end user or forces them to take action right away, it simply eases them into your ad.

Benefits of Pop Under:

  • Not Intrusive, Less Annoyance
  • Not scrambling to close the popup
  • Continuous view of your offer or LP

With pop unders there are some great benefits over pop overs. With Adoori they make it even easier with their backend user interface. When I first created my campaign with them, it was literally very easy to use. I created a campaign, entered my link, chose my target, submit for approval. That was it. The backend is very simple to use and there are no distractions other than what you really need from reports to creating campaigns.

The only downside to their traffic is their targeting, you can target by area and not dig any deeper. If I have a home insurance offer landing page it may pop under a gain muscle website. The targeting only works with countries and categories.

My suggestion is to keep your offers broad. One trick I learned from my own experience is to make sure you have a really good tracking platform. I say this because you can actually know where the traffic is coming from and what sites they pop under. Understanding this will give you a better understanding of the demographics.

One other aspect I enjoyed about their platform is they have a default frequency cap of 24 hours. This means your campaign will not be shown to the same user more than once. There are times where you want to show it more than 1 and sometimes you want  your ad to be targeted to that one person just once. Their are some ppv traffic sources out there where they do not have a frequency cap, Facebook Ads.... and some you will probably forget to set it up and your campaign will popup over a site or category more than 10 times. Which is bad.

I used Adoori in the past and it is a simple system and ad platform which can be used correctly. There are some verticals that do much better than others and some verticals, in my experience that do horrible. It is about finding that balance with any niche or traffic source.

Adoori is an upcoming contextual ad platform, check them out as they almost usually have monthly deals on traffic prices.

Ian Fernando
Involved in the internet space since 2002 and have been through the ups and downs of this online industry. I am a traveling digital nomad, media buyer, online strategist, and many more online titles.

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