Riding the Trend 'RIGHT AWAY' Always Beneficial?

By Ian Fernando

Everyone already have heard about Google Chrome and there are a tone of blog posts about it. I look at this as a marketing trick, riding the wave they call it. It is basically stating you are riding the trend and monetizing it. Sometimes riding trends has it's downfall if you do not do research. I purposely find markets where the trends are high and are continous, a repeated one is coming up soon: Halloween -> Thanksgiving -> Black Friday -> Christmas -> New Years. This is a great trend for me to follow because this is a consistant flow of traffic or a consistant flow of activities.

Lets just look at the trend I stated above:

  • Halloween - buyers want to buy candy and costumes or even decorations. Once that is done buyers tend to look at...
  • Thanksgiving. The look for decor and food and house decorations. Buyers even start buying things to get into the holiday spirit. After Thanksgiving there is...
  • BlackFriday. Where most affiliate who promote on a CPS should be making most of their money here. Electronics and physical items are quickly bought. People only purchase things on Black Friday to get ready for...
  • Christmas. But there are those late shoppers and people who want to buy decorations and get in the holiday spirit. After the year is done a...
  • New Year starts. Here people start looking to consolodate their money and spending becomes low, but help service do nicely.

Can you see this type of trend. I barely have to do any work to find this type of traffic. Trends can be a set or a single. For example yesterday Google Chrome was released and there was a huge spike in conversation across the internet. Below is a graphs captured via TwitScoop about Google Chrome (a great tool if you  do not think so).

You can see the huge spike but then after just one day the buzz is slowly dieing. A lot of people are still talking about Google Chrome but as everyone start tseting it out, the buzz dies. As stated in the intro a lot of users try to ride the buzz trend because it proves to be little work, but this is not beneficial. A lot of bloggers or tech bloggers are writing about Google Chrome, even using viral tag lines and headers to attracrt SERPs and users to gain additional traffic.

Though there is still a good couple hundred talking about Google Chrome, I do not think it will be talkable browser later on, but will still be talked because it is new. I think just looking at this graphs can show us a lot of information. Information maybe that I am missing. But to me the trend is going down and using this type of buzz marketing traffic will not be good for the long run.

Finding a trend is important especially one with a buzz that is on going. I will show you a niche that I am in and doing fairly well in, the iphone. As you can see the trend as of right now is down, not a lot of users are currently speaking about the iphone, but look at the history.

The history shows that the buzz about the iphone is fairly still consistant. Though Google Chrome is getting more speaking power than the iphone, the iphone is still being spoken about and the buzz has it's spikes. This is 1 day of data and as the day goes on the buzz will grow during the day. Very powerful.

Just looking at the trend of Google Chrome comparing it to my other niches, just that quick downward fall not very entertaining. Maybe as the day goes and several days pass TwitScoop will be able to give me more accurate buzz conversation about Google Chrome. Personally I would rather grab a couple hundred of consistant buzz than a quick fall out from 1k buzzers.

Maybe tomorrow or this week I will talk about using the power of TwitScoop for Marketing.

Ian Fernando
Involved in the internet space since 2002 and have been through the ups and downs of this online industry. I am a traveling digital nomad, media buyer, online strategist, and many more online titles.

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