Rotate Offers Base on Performance

By Ian Fernando

In the affiliate marketing industry there are a lot of networks promoting similar types of offers. For example ringtones, ringtones are very popular but what offer from what network converts better? There are several factors to take into account when deciding what offer to finally push and offer to the end user. The end user might be attracted to the offers' landing page or maybe the colors are just too bright, etc. There are a bunch of similar offers and a bunch of networks asking you to promote it, but what similar offer from what network works?

The answer is to test! Which you should all know, affiliate marketing is all testing. Test which similar offer works better from what network. For example, I am a lazy person so I rarely make LPs - I strictly direct link to the offer. I want to promote 'get a free xbox 360' offer, a lot of the networks have them already but they are different in landing pages. One might be just a static page, the other flash, other 2 field submit, other 1 field, etc. There are so many types of LPs that can attract or distract your traffic from converting.

How do I test these similar offers from all the networks?

First join any of the following networks to find a variety of similar offers, I personally recommend:

Now all you have to do is rotate them! Lets say you have 5 networks that have the Free Xbox 360 1 field submit, put them in a php rotation script and see what converts. Now the issue is how many days to rotate, how to give more priority to a specific offer that is doing better? Well, there are 2 ways, you can rotate offers base on your EPC (thanks to my good friend Eric for providing such a script) and another is base on percentage (thanks to my NiceNerd programmer)

Rotating base on EPC gives you a more true rotation factor, because it is base on performance. The other is base on more of a manual process, because it can be adjusted by your needs (if you do not want to go by true EPC). Below is the code base on EPC which was provided by Eric:

courtesy of

$aPages[' '] = 2.25;
$aPages[' '] = 1.76;
$aPages[' '] = 4.05;

$aWeighted = array();
while (list($cURL, $fEPC) = each($aPages)) {
$fEPC = round($fEPC*100, 0);
for ($i = 0; $i < $fEPC; $i++) {
$aWeighted[] = $cURL;
} // ends for ($i = 0; $i < $fEPC; $i++)
} // ends while (list($cURL, $fEPC) = each($aPages))


header("Location: " . array_pop($aWeighted));


Now as you can see all you have to do on a daily basis is just update your EPC base on the information Prosper202 provides to you or any other tracking system, which you need to switch over to Prosper202 immediately. Then reupload your .php file to your directory and BAM your good to go and it will start rotating offers base on your offers performance. You just have to update this everyday, the EPC anyways. Once it is updated then you are good to go.

This way you can assure yourself that specific networks' offers work and converts more on the traffic you are pushing to it. If you are getting a ton of traffic why not rotate similar offers and see what works best. I know with PPV you can get a ton of traffic in a short amount of time, so you want to make sure you are taking advantage of such volume. Too bad rotating offers in Adwords will not work - direct linking wise, but creating a LP or jump page can definitely work.

Ian Fernando
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