RSS Competition Results: 61 New Subscribers

By Ian Fernando

As you know I was in a competition with 4 other bloggers. I just viewed my RSS feed count and I have gained 61 new subscribers. Since rss feeds fluctuate a lot, I might see a decrease tomorrow. But as of right now I gained 61 new readers which is not bad - that means I gained 2 readers everyday for 30 days. I was also away for almost a week because of Affiliate Summit West, so no interaction of blog promotion was being pushed.

Currently I do not know my place in this contest. As of right now, Jason from The University Kid has seen the most growth with his feedburner stats. I have yet to check everyone else's but I know Jason will be having another contest soon. This was pretty fun too bad I did not go heavy as I wanted too. I was pretty much caught up with so many other things, such as projects, websites, networking, affiliate marketing, etc. Especially also I lost quite a bit in January, argh! But here is the original numbers we all started out with. I currently do not know everyone feed count right now.

I gained a total of 61 new rss readers and I hope to benefit from these readers. I will also be handing out the prizes in the next couple days. So for those who left comments on specific post, you will be randomly chosen to win the prize pertained to that specific post. I have a lot of prizes and I will distribute them out. As I have had contest in the past I assure all my prizes are received to the winner. I also apologize to my sponsors as I was not marketing this contest very heavily and I do apologize to those that offered great prizes but with not a lot of winners.

With the end of this RSS competition, here are some tactics that I have used:

  • I use the aLinks plugin and replaced all RSS text into my feedburner link
  • I use PeelAway Ads to attract and grab attention to my new readers
  • Contacted friends and new bloggers to help sponsor the contest
  • Accepted sponsors on this competition
  • Blog about it several times during the month - I didn't think I blog too much about it, I did not want to bore all my readers
  • Talked to forum users and explained benefits of this competition and explained the prizes being provided
  • Guest post on several blogs to get some attention and traffic

These are the things I did - I do not know what the others have done, I know Jason was giving out hard cash! I was giving out several prizes and I will be organizing my day to see who commented where and what prize is won to that specific person. I will be having other contest in the near future, so subscribe to my blog to find out when I will have it. Also, to all my readers who participated thanks - and to the other four bloggers whom I participated with: Thomas Sinfield, SlyVisions, Internet Babel, University Kid.

This was a quick type - sorry for any errors

Ian Fernando
Involved in the internet space since 2002 and have been through the ups and downs of this online industry. I am a traveling digital nomad, media buyer, online strategist, and many more online titles.

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