RSS Competition Update: More Prizes

By Ian Fernando

With the RSS competition going very strong, I wanted to make sure I have networked with right people to help me win this competition. I have been approach if I would be able to accept sponsors, prior to this I was already asking some of my blogging friends and entrepreneurs to see if they would like to sponsor this competition.

So far it looks like I am hand in hand with several of the competitors within this competition. I currently do not know what they are doing to gather more readers or what tactics they are doing. I know personally, it is who you know and I am using that to help me with this competition. Networking is very strong and simple on the internet especially among entrepreneurs and bloggers. We tend to be more open than if we were trying to network offline.

With that said I have more prizes to give out, courtesy of several sponsors of this competition. I will speak about the prizes that I am giving out, then list the sponsors giveaways.

Ian Fernando GiveAways:

  • Adsense Secrets by Joel Comm
  • The Next Internet Millionaire Box Set Series by Joel Comm

Sponsors GiveAways:

  • Text Link with the Google Lady - 50$ Value
    Sponsored by GoogleLady
  • 5 Copies of Atomic Blogging - 97$ Value Each
    Sponsored by Gather Success
  • 1 125 * 125 advertising spots for 2 months - $50 Value
    Sponsored by Etienne Teo
  • 2 125x125 advertising spots - $10 Value Each
    1 sponsored review on the blog - $25 Value
    Free Custom design layout - $75 Value
    Sponsored by Henry
  • Winning the Web T Shirt
    Sponsored by Winning the Web
  • 5 Shirt with "I Make Money Online Bumper Stickers"
    Sponsored by Zac Johnson

Extra GiveAways:

  • 3000 EntreCard Credits to the Winner of this Competition. If I win I will disburse the credits to 3 readers, 1000 EC each!
    Sponsored by Elite by Design

Once you are subscribed there are footer notes at the bottom. These notes give you a bigger chance to win any of these prizes. There are 7 Footer Notes asking you to comment on specific posts. If you comment on these specific posts you get a chance to win that specific prize. Throughout the weeks I will be handing out some of these prizes, so watch out!

Off Topic: Winners of the Premium News Template have been contacted with the associated authors BCCed. I would like to thank all participants with this contest.

Ian Fernando
Involved in the internet space since 2002 and have been through the ups and downs of this online industry. I am a traveling digital nomad, media buyer, online strategist, and many more online titles.

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