Ryan Deiss, You Have Cluttered My Facebook

By Ian Fernando

Ever since Ryan Deiss gave his little info product about Facebook. I have been seeing retarded Internet Marketing ads on Facebook recently, 98% of them are a total waste.

In fact most of them I have seen are all MLM style marketing. One ad I saw took me to Youtube who talked about .WS downline platform. They maybe legit but your landing page is YouTube?

So from my understanding, Ryan's product told people Facebook is the new Google and now every MLM is doing Facebook ads. I even see retarded internet marketing ads on here that are just horrible. Almost everyday I see a new ad, I assume targeting marketing online. I see a new ad everyday because these newbies either lost cash and do not see any conversions from their crappy landing pages and give up.

Did Ryan not show some type of value on how to run a campaign and not just an ad?

From what i have been told Ryan's product doesn't really teach a person to do anything on Facebook except giving a little history and how to make an ad. I don't think he went in depth about creating a proper landing page... because most of these landers I see are so horrible I do not see them converting.

It doesn't even matter because 100% of these ads I don't see again because I bet Ryan didn't talk about how to look at Facebook data and analyze it. I am not going against his product, since I didn't purchase it and I do not know what he tells people.

I am basing everything off from what people are telling me about his product, since I do Facebook advertising. I already know it pretty well. I mean I have been doing it since Facebook Marketplace and Facebook Flyers. From everyone telling me about Ryan's product, they are also telling me I should come out with one as well.

In any case... my Facebook sidebar is just filled with retarded marketing offers from MLM or people trying to grow their lists. There isn't any tactics these people are using except throwing up an ad and seeing if it will do them any good.

I bet 2/3s of these 'marketers' are not even tracking their conversions. Well I don't see how they can, if they are sending me to a Youtube video explaining how much money they make with their downline and how you can get 100% commission.

tsk tsk...

Another annoyance is I find are all these Clickbank info products are now on Facebook, lots of free reports, lots of 100% free money. Really this landing page converts for the person? I didn't even see a tracking link in the source...

Also, I want to fault this on Facebook Ads as well, some of the ad copy has horrible spelling! Op-in to my list? Really? There are broken sentences and capital letters being used in ways I thought was not by Facebook rules. So it's either Facebook Ads are having a tough time with all the new ads coming in and letting a bunch slide or they have hired more retarded people.

So I want to thank Ryan Deiss for giving others the opportunity to advertise on Facebook and fluctuating the bids. I also want to thank him for cluttering my sidebar with useless ads that I personally do not think ever converted. I mean I won't see the same ad tomorrow, so it must not be doing well.

Plus I do not know or understand why people still do MLM...

BTW I am coming out with my own version of Facebook Advertising... yes it's an info product... and it will be far better than what Ryan Deiss put out.

What were your thoughts on the product?

Ian Fernando
Involved in the internet space since 2002 and have been through the ups and downs of this online industry. I am a traveling digital nomad, media buyer, online strategist, and many more online titles.

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