Save a TON of Images for POF and Facebook


Testing is important and its important to alter images to see which catches the eyes of the end user. For example Facebook and Plenty of Fish use an image size of 110 * 80. It does get annoying to resize a bunch of images that you think will do well, but you can actually let Google do this for you. You can use Google to search and grab the perfect size images for your campaign and then use a FireFox plugin to automatically save all those images for you.

The problem is that Google has an auto thumbnail script which prevents you to bulk download the perfect size ad images for your campaigns. So when you try to right click on an image and save it, you are actually not saving the right size but the thumbnail size.

So in today’s video I show you how to quickly and easily download a full page of images at the size of 110 * 80, the perfect size for Facebook Ads and Plenty of Fish.

Resources explained:

  1. DownThemAll – Plugin for FF
  2. Google Image Ripper – Basically a ripper

With these 2 tools you can easily save a ton of images to your desktop and then use tools to help you bulk upload thees images to your campaign for testing. It is pretty easy. Once the FF plugin is installed, you just use the Google Image Ripper to ‘dethumb’ the images and then right click to use DownThemAll. Rapidly save a perfect image size of 110 * 80 straight to your pc for testing.

You¬†obviously¬†want to filter out through the images to see what will work and what won’t. You should have a good sense of what to use.

Watch the video at the top to see the tutorial on how I save a ton of images to my PC with just a click.

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