Ian Fernando UNPLUGGED

So I was reading Zac Johnson’s blog and saw the first published magazine for Feed Front. I was hoping to find mine in the mail later today but didn’t. So I was reading and browsing and then I saw a picture of a person I seen before. This person is pretty cool and has been seen on the blogosphere multiple times. He has a really unique blog and aspects to several types of marketing and making money online.

Ahh look its Ian Fernando. Who me? I was kinda of surprise to see myself in the magazine! Matter of fact I am very excited and honored. I want to thank Shawn Collin for a great time at Affiliate Summit West and I will definitely be at Affiliate Summit East in Boston this year.

The magazine is filled with great information and recaps a lot of what happened at Affiliate Summit West. Also it has a collection of information that is happening in the affiliate atmosphere. Te magazine is filled with a lot of pictures and it is very visual. If you missed ASW then having this magazine while in a train can give you a nice visual of what has happened at the summit. Make sure you visit Feed Front and grab your free subscription! I am waiting for mine in the mail!

Also Feed Front has a quote I have submitted which is also within the magazine! SO make sure to grab your free subscription.

This quote I have posted represents a post I made in the past about affiliate managers. But does not pertain to all networks or all affiliate managers. This quote came to me right away when I was asked to submit a small post about affiliate marketing and affiliate managers. I think it is critical to have an affiliate manager to know their back end.

But any case I recommend subscribing to this magazine and learn all about affiliate marketing!

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