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How to Generate an Extra $500 a Month from Lost Clicks with a Smartlink System

Affiliate marketing is always ever-changing and one of the most unique things as affiliates is we tend to want to […]

lemonads Smartlink System plus their Full Affiliate Network of Offers to Run

I have been looking around to just test out smartlinks and I am always on the lookout for more, I […]

RichPush Case Study: Dating Smartlink Results and my Ad Campaign Setup

Last April I posted a mini case study with RichPush on international dating. I expanded into other countries. I decided […]

Look at my Monetizer Push Stats, Make Money by Sending UnWanted/UnTargeted Traffic to a SmartLink

If you run traffic, you know you want to try to monetize every click as much as possible. The click […]

10 Day Push Traffic Results on MegaPush Utilizing SmartLink Dating Offers

Here are the results of my full test on MegaPush. I am going to show my results of the full […]

Affiliate Industry is Getting into Crypto Currency. I am Jumping Back in as well.

With the stock market going to shit, I decided to get back into crypto. Hearing so much talk about it […]

MOBIPIUM Unveils New Interface for their Affiliates - My First Impressions

Innovation is the spark of any good platform. Sometimes changes are a bad thing but in the end, it usually […]

RedTrack Review: a True Affiliate Tracking Platform for the Expert Media Buyer?

Lithuania based affiliate tracking platform has the goal of helping media buyers and affiliate marketers get higher ROI in their […]

Binom Review: Self-Hosted Affiliate Tracker for Professional Media Buyers

Out of all the affiliate trackers mentioned in this article, Binom is the only one that is self-hosted. This basically […]

Start Your Dating Campaign with ProfitSocial's Summer Contest: 1500 Offers in 150 Geos

ProfitSocial is a Smartlink platform that will help you effectively monetize your traffic. I have used their smartlink dating system […]

Which Affiliate Networks Should You Join in the New Year? This is My List

Brand new to affiliate marketing and do not know what affiliate networks to join? There are a lot out there […]

The Reason Why I Use a VPN When Promoting International Offers - Here are 5 I Recommend

Being overseas for a while now, I can't view offers that are meant for the US or any other country […]

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