See my Castle in Morocco

By Ian Fernando

So its pretty late right now and I decided to update my blog with my vacation trip and some tour stuff I had done. I saw a lot of things while here in Morocco. We did a lot of walking and definitely almost got hit by a motorcyclist and car. People drive crazy is all I got to say. So right now I am staying in Rabat, which is the capital of Morocco.

There is definitely a lot of things that is going on here, just so much construction. From what I am hearing the king wants to get more tourists to Morocco, so he is bettering Morocco to achieve his goals. There are a ton of things he is doign such as creating a tramway (inner train system that runs through the city), getting a France bus service, etc.

Well here are some pictures of the castle and other pictures I took:


Old Castle, has a city in it


Exterior Castle Wall from Street View


At a coffee shop, this is the Castle with the City in it (mini replica)


Guards guarding past King's Tomb

All the walking definitely got me tired, but definitely seen a lot of good stuff here. I will be heading out to Casablanca tomorrow to go more site seeing and hit the night life in Casablanca. So Rabat was definitely chill, and have eaten soem great ass food. Food outside the states definitely taste better - its more fresh.

I have already hit the bars and clubs here and it is definitely a good time. I may upload a pic or so from the night clubs, definitely doing it big.

Well back to checking emails, campaigns, creating some campaigns, and all that marketing good stuff before I go to bed. I need to post up some marketing things as well...

Ian Fernando
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