SEO Efforts - Still Doing $100 Months

By Ian Fernando

It has been another month and I made money with SEO again! It didn't cover my virtual assistance costs yet, but its getting there. This time I earned from ShareaSale, Amazon Associates, and LinkShare. No traffic spend besides some of the tools I bought to help with backlinks and submissions. All in all, last month wasn't profitable.

The results isn't very impressive, last post about my SEO efforts producing $100 as well. Since I made $100, actually less than - got me thinking about why would anyone do SEO. Then I think about this blog and this blog is 4 yeas old and ranks for a bunch of popular search terms. It is a long process and it will take time.

Anyways, my strategy this time was different from last. I decided to make use of an old site that i just use to ramble on and try to make it into a brandable site. Making it authoritative and useful for users to go to, a go to website. S I put all my efforts, well my VA's efforts into establishing that. Some other things that differentiated were the tools I used.

I used Sick Submitter, again my VA's, to start building backlinks to other sites. Another strategy was using bookmarking to bookmark exterior sites that link back to my main site. For example, I would bookmark a video that ha a link to my main site. Maybe I would bookmark an article on Ezine Articles that links back to the main site.

Another aspect was using the Google Wonder Wheel more, it was a bit manual but luckily I have the amazing AffExpert tools to help me grab these keywords, without me constantly clicking on each new keyword. If you do not know what the Google Wonder Wheel is, here is a tutorial I wrote a while back.

It is a great tool to use.

That is really the basis of what I did last month, but I didn't make the amount I wanted. Here are the break downs of the income I made by CPS networks. Ka Ching!

  • LinkShare - .56
  • Amazon Associates - .72
  • ShareaSale - 96.96
  • Total = $98.24

It looks like it will be a while till I make my $500 a month goal for SEO. It is a pain, I am glad I have VA's that do this because it is a long process and a pain. I would rather buy traffic but the conversions will not reflect nicely on my spending. This is a long term asset I am creating, so I guess it takes a long term dedication to make it work right.

Ian Fernando
Involved in the internet space since 2002 and have been through the ups and downs of this online industry. I am a traveling digital nomad, media buyer, online strategist, and many more online titles.

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