[Series] Affiliate Blog Income – Grow Your List

By Ian Fernando

While in Cali I want to make sure I am continuing this Affiliate Niche Blog Series. So today I will talk about building your list and why you need to do it via your niche blog.

The importance of building your niche list is critical because you want to have a list of potential users/buyers. These are the type of people you want who will always be interested in what you have to say and will probably take action on what you provide to them.

I will talk about certain tools and site to use to create and generate the content and utilizing an auto responder, such as aweber.

There are multiple ways to grow your list. I personally have several small list but I am getting more and more aggressive into making them bigger. The big question a lot of people ask is how to grow the list, my answer is incentive them.

Give something away for free and then collect. But what do you give out for free? What I do is  just create a small report and give it out for free. It is the easiest thing to do, as people are always curious on what information can help better themselves.

Where do I create the content? If you are not an expert in your niche or have time to even create the content, the easiest thing to do is copy other peoples work. They have done the work for you, so you just copy and paste. Do not copy any specific content, because of copyright infringement.

I personally use article directory sites such as ezinearticles.com to find my targeted content. I just grab about 5 articles and compile them into an ebook/style report and give it out for free. I am luring the user into grab this report that has some good content, which is just content from other users.

The important factor is you will need to keep the author and info footer in tact. You also can not change the content or title in anyway. But this is minimal risk because you already capture the user to your list, which is the main objective of this series.

Another way is to actually get other users to write unique content for you. Since I talked about creating a presence online the other day. Utilize your audience to help you create the content. With my niche blog site - that is exactly what I did. It is unique content and its from users who either are doing what your niche is about or are an expert in it.

This is powerful because you are using and utilizing other peoples time.

Once that is done - find out ways to capture your audience. I utilize the footer of each blog posts, I utilize an exit popup to capture the user leaving, I utilize the Facebook Fanpage, I also utilize users who comment and capture their info that way.

So I am aggressively trying to capture their information every way possible. A blog has multiple ways to capture your potential lead. You can even create a contest and in order to participate, they have to be part of your list because you are going to draw the contest winner from that list.

One thing to also realize is to utilize an auto responder such as aweber. Aweber is an auto responder that sends out emails to everyone on your list. It also blasts your list with any type of information that you may have or want to share.

I have been using aweber for about 2 full years and I definitely enjoy using it. They are changing a lot of their tools an interface which I wish they didn't do, but they have great stat control and is a trusted brand in the internet marketing space.

There are others that I have tried that I didn't really enjoy or was too confusing, I guess I am just too comfortable using aweber.

In the end you want to capture all your potential users that are coming to the site, you want to make sure you are providing quality content and information and create that relationship right away.

Recommended Tools

  1. Aweber
  2. Action Popup
  3. Action Comments

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