Sexy Girls in Marketing Videos: My Stats

By Ian Fernando

Sex sells? Well I did a test with a video and I have posted the results. Well below you will see the results. The purpose of this post and case study is to see if traffic is good for any niche base on the sex appeal. I found a really beautiful girl and embedded it within my video. I basically talked about adding sex appeal to a marketing video and how it may help. Well I was kinda of surprise by the stats I have received.

Not only did I not get the views I wanted, my other videos has received far more greater views than this sexy video. Not too sure why. Maybe the girl wasn't that cute? Or maybe the audience did not find it appealing. I made sure I used keywords to make sure I get put in a category with the other sexy girl videos, but found out later I was moved back to the marketing related videos. YouTube is interesting. Well below is the video I made, you probably saw this if you are subscribe to my YoutTube Channel.


Now I have the stats to show you. he stats is very interesting because I expected more traffic and expected some growth, but I saw an immediate drop. Should I maybe should have split tested the video to have the girl in the bigger picture and me in the smaller picture in picture. Might try that out. But it was interesting to see I did not get that much traffic from this specific video nor did I get the views I wanted. Does sex really sell? Maybe I should have split tested it with me being the smaller area.

BTW here are my stats:

The red line represent YouTube Traffic and the blue line represents overall stats from other sources such as myspace video, yahoo, revver, etc. So as you can see when I first published my video it did fairly well, then as the days come a long it just died. Maybe the audience was just not attracted to the girl in the small view or I as just making her look pretty bad. Well there other ways to test this theory. I can have an actual girl dance in the background, switch the picture in picture views, change the audio to just my voice and have the girl dance. Have the girl dance and just add my water mark? So many ways to test. Well it was a cool case study I think.

Ian Fernando
Involved in the internet space since 2002 and have been through the ups and downs of this online industry. I am a traveling digital nomad, media buyer, online strategist, and many more online titles.

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