ShareaSale Think Tank 2009: ReCap

By Ian Fernando the weather here in Jersey is beautiful...

I miss the sun already. LA was fun and enjoyable and it definitely was fun. I decided to take a couple extra days early to go to San Diego and then drive up to Newport Beach to Share a Sale Think Tank. The upcoming posts will be about my stay in Cali while this one will be about the educational time I had at Think Tank.

I personally want to thank Brian Littleton and Share a Sale for inviting me. I also want to thank Jason Rubacky for inviting me to the event, great guy! I arrived to Think Tank late and met up with Logan Thompson and Jason. I also met a couple new people who were vendors and also hanged out with Facebook.

Upon arriving I saw my room and it was an amazing room. There is a beautiful  view I had from my patio and it had a great view of the golf course and a wedding chapel. Here is a couple pics I took inside the room. It was so nice I didn't want to step it further.


The next day, Saturday, we had a group breakfast with all the affiliates, vendors, and shareasale staff. The food was amazing! The truffle mac and cheese was phenomenal!

After the breakfast we had 2 sessions which were:

  • Demographic: Women
  • Demographic: Men

Then we had about an hour break, I had to go back to my room and check my stats and then went back into to listen in to the next 2 sessions:

  • Demographic: Education and Life Experience
  • Demographic: Home and Office

Then it comes lunch, lunchtime was a time where you get to sit around with participating networks or merchants and discuss strategies over food.

I sat with Facebook and discussed with them the next upcoming tools they are coming up with. I was also trying to get into beta of their new bulk upload tool. They are also going to do some or try to get into somethings about day parting. Which would be great!! They were also giving out some good advice on the types of offers that do very well on facebook.

I am going to test somethings out with Facebook base on their advice. I was surprise to even say that some offers do better than some. So I am going to test it out and see if it does well.

Each company or vendor or merchant had their own table which you can go to and talk and discuss. I stayed with Facebook the whole time.

After lunch there was a 4 hour time from 2-6 where you can hang out with more vendors and companies and discuss how to grow yourself or your company. It was overseeing the pool and the pool was great. I visited 2 vendors and hangout with Missy and Shawn at the Affiliate Summit cabana. After that I decided to chill at the pool and cool down.

After 6 it was open to whatever we wanted to do, see the town, hangout at the pool, just chill. I hanged out with Logan Thompson and Jason Rubacky and grabbed dinner at the Pelican Hill Bar and Grill. WOW, amazing lamb! I wanted a new plate of food because the lamb was amazing. It kinda sucked that we didn't get picked up in a Bentley, but got picked up with a gangster Kate plus 8 van!

After we ate, we hanged out with Facebook and then hit the bar and met up with Scott Jangro, Jeremy Palmer, Shawn and everyone that was at the bar. Being the night so young Jason ordered a bottle and we headed back to Facebook room and balled out. One person got so drunk cause he started 'pumping' the air.

The next morning, I had to leave early to tour out LA and meetup with my cousins but there was a Q&A about how to make shareasale better and it was open to everyone that attended.

Here are some pics of the resort btw:

Again I want to thank Brian Littleton, ShareaSale, and Jason Rubacky for having and inviting me. Also, make sure to check out the tweets that were happening while at Think Tank 09.

Video Mashup:

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