ShoeMoney Talks: Adsense vs Affiliate Marketing

Jeremy from was featured at BlogWorld Expo and has opinions on how Adsense sucks and speaks about affiliate marketing. If you are talking about a product might as well check to see if they have an affiliate program to join. The reason for this is because if you are talking about a product why not use their affiliate program or special links.

Now I have received some ‘hate mail’ or even negative comments on why am I using an affiliate link if I am talking bad or writing a negative post on a product or service. Well, the reason for this is because what I just stated above. If I am writing about it why not use their affiliate link to earn some potential income.

There are mixed feelings on this and opinions on this matter, but if I talk about it and there is room for income I will use the affiliate link. I personally never know if the post will be a big hit and earn me some money or it might be a flop, I just do not know. So to just prepare the 50 percent chance I will use an affiliate link even if I bash out a product I do not like.

Jeremy goes into good details about affiliate marketing and his honest opinion on why bloggers shouldn’t use Adsense, especially if they write for content.

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