Simple Facebook Adjustements to Get Traffic

By Ian Fernando

Facebook is a great social community. You can meet new friends and find old friends. Finding friends and old college buddies is very simple. But all in all I also tend to use my personal FaceBook profile to help promote my blog and it's simple.

I have listed some steps below, with explanations to help promote your blog on Facebook. It is very simple and it is just using a simple imagination. Also, Facebook has great widgets/plugins which you can add to your blog for more interaction.

Facebook is very different from other social networks such as Myspace or LinkedIn. They are your friends - you share some type of interest that you are friends. If your friends are on the same thinking level as you then they will be inclined to see what you have on your profile such as groups, videos, marketplace etc.

Well, let us get down to business. I have adjusted my FaceBook so that there is a good even flow and distribution of contents for my friends and content from my blog. For example right below my mini-feeds I have my RSS feeds right underneath it. By the way its very simple to move around, everything is Ajax so just drag and drop where you want your specific content to be. But there are certain FaceBook boxes you can not move around.

Organization and the flow of any webpage/blog are crucial for the webmaster. It determines if the reader can find the information they need with ease, if not they leave and never comes back. That means you wasted your time to make this specific content and no one can read it because no one can find it. It is the same as FaceBook, there is a flow; that is why you are unable to move or delete some of the boxes within your profile, there is a specific flow or even order of importance within the profile.

So here are some ideas that helped my blog and some widgets/plugins to add to your FaceBook profile.

  1. Have the MarketPlace widget/plugin
  2. Have the Blog Friends Widget
  3. Add Darren Rowse and John Chow as Friends
  4. Always Update your Status
  5. Have the RSS Feed Widget/Plugin
  6. Add your website/blog/landing page within your Information

I find these extra steps to be influencing my blog pretty helpful. Each step above helps in many ways.

Having the marketplace within your profile is good because it shows your products that you have submitted. I have an affiliate link within and 2 of my ebooks are listed on there at all times, it is also right below my network.

The Blog Friend widget/plugin is very useful because it shows who you are networked with especially when it comes to blogging. You can keep in touch with their blogs and display your blog links within your profile. I have mine right below my mini feeds, since the flow of information is perfect. Once everyone of your friends find who you commented or who you became friends with they will then see your blog links! The best part is that they can read your blog feed right on FaceBook!

Adding Darren Rowse and John Chow is good because you want to network with their friends, see their blogs maybe interact even more. Also you can get good exposure by being their Blog Friends.

Update your status as much as possible. Some example I do is "Ian Fernando is busy posting on his blog" or Ian Fernando is busy reading HYPERLINK." Though it will not show the hyperlink - your friends will be curious as to what you are reading, so they may copy and paste it within their browser. The update status of Facebook is great because it sends the update to all of your friends mini feed; it lets them know what you are doing! It can be related to Pownce or even the popular Twitter.

I use to use the RSS feed widget prior to Blog Friends since it showed my feeds and showed a small excerpt of my articles. This is good for other non-blog website, articles, news, etc.

Unlike, others I keep 1 profile of me, instead of one for just friends and one for marketing. I want others to know who I am and how I live my life. My profile is public to my friends and others that I make friends with. I am putting personality on my profile because my profile reflects who I am and what I do. I join money groups, self improvement groups, and even other non money groups. Why, because that is who I am - I want to communicate with my friends while make money online, hopefully my friends will see my advancement and read how I did it via my blog and products.

As we reach into a phase of interactivity within the internet, we need to understand web 2.0 more and know how exactly to use it, benefit from it, and properly adjust to it. We do not want to SPAM social communities - making it into a MySpace Spam environment.

Using FaceBook to help you gather traffic is fairly easy and simple. Taking advantages of the popularity of this social community can help you generate income and an increase in traffic. just make sure you respect other users within your own network as if they were your friends.

Ian Fernando
Involved in the internet space since 2002 and have been through the ups and downs of this online industry. I am a traveling digital nomad, media buyer, online strategist, and many more online titles.

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