Social Media Made $5100 in Just Under 36 Hours

By Ian Fernando

The power of social media is one powerful traffic source, I mean Facebook has 500 million users that means 500 million prospects! It is a fact that social media traffic can be very powerful to any new website or affiliate offer. It takes the power of others to recommend a compelling site or issue.

One issue that is very compelling is Jason Rubacky's mother. Jason created a donation website for her, Save Jason's Mom. She is ill and Jason would like her to get better. In just under 24 hours Jason was able to generate $2,500 in donations.

That is amazing to generate that amount in a short period of time with just social media. He is reaching out to his network, twitter, and facebook. Those are the sources he has been using and it has helped with his donations.

Now in just under 36 hours, Jason Rubacky has generated $5,100 of donations for a his mother. His mom is a very important person to him and by creating such a site he is definitely showing his love.

I first heard about this when Jason hit me up and just asked me to share. I read the original site and I contributed to his cause. Family is a very important part in one person's life. I personally am very family oriented. Even though I may have my own ups and downs, family will always be there. I even go out of my way to visit my cousins across the US to just say hi. For Jason to want his mom to get better shows the bond they have.

Jason Rubacky is one person you want to get to know in the affiliate industry, he is also the reason why I am doing CPS offers recently than the traditional CPA/CPL offers. He has also shared a lot of insights and is one person that gives more than he can. If he had a plate of food and saw you were still hungry - he would give you his plate, the utensils, the table clothe, the table itself, the chair, and if possible the waiter/waitress waiting on you and anything else that he can. He just gives.

He is an influential person in the industry and one that always goes out and helps more than he can. I even went out to Chicago to just visit him and show my appreciation for the help he has contributed to my own business. Te time he spends with his daughter and own family is priceless, I was fortunate to have witness it myself.

If you have the time head over to Save Jason's Mom read the issues she has and make a decision to donate, more importantly help a great friend and person. I Did.

Ian Fernando
Involved in the internet space since 2002 and have been through the ups and downs of this online industry. I am a traveling digital nomad, media buyer, online strategist, and many more online titles.

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