SocialKik Review: Paid Fans/Likes - Good?

By Ian Fernando

About 2 weeks ago I tested out a new service called SocialKik, it is a service which allows you to buy fans/likes on social networks. Usually I am pretty biased towards buying your audience, but I wanted to get my fan page some extra up lift, so I tested out SocialKik.

I got an order of 1000 additional likes for my Fan Page, which you can view here. Since I started it the growth happened slowly and it rapidly grew over the next 2 weeks. When I first inquired about this service, I asked some simple questions. Some were about targeting and what country they are from etc. I just didn't want people to like my page, I wanted targeted users and people who will interact with the fan page.

After some small interrogation questions, I went on with the service and waited till my 1000 likes came about. Today, I took a look at my insight and saw that I have seen growth.

As you can see there has been a growth of users to my fan page. I gained about a total of 1200 new users to my fan page. SocialKik over delivers to make sure they hit their 1k like to your page, so you can receive more than 1k likes. As I am going over the Facebook Insight to the page, I found 70% are from the US which is good. I didn't want 80% to come from India or another foreign country, since my target audience is in the United States.

The most interesting part is where my users came from. Looking at the stats below you can see that I have another ajority in the Philippines and UK, which is not that surprising because according to my analytics those are heavy hitters as well. I am also surprise to see that little are from India. Usually with these services, the users are from India.

SocialKik says there are no bots or spamming done. Instead of using bots they invite users, meaning they can like your page or not. It is up to the users to decide to like or not. So it is up to the end user to decide if I like or do not like your page. SocialKik says these are real users.

I post on my Fan Page quite often and I found some users do really interact with the page. Some comment and even like the posts. So I can say that these users are real, you can even check it on my Fan Page. SocialKik definitely did deliver and I am satisfied with the results. Looking at my Facebook Insight, I can see users interacting and visiting the page.

Now as far as turning interaction into potential leads/buyers I do not know. As of right now I enjoy the interaction of my new community on my Fan Page. I just hope these new users do not leave the fan page, I guess I just have to keep them interactive.

BTW for some reason Jonathan Volk seems to follow my footsteps in online marketing and decided to post a review as well.

Ian Fernando
Involved in the internet space since 2002 and have been through the ups and downs of this online industry. I am a traveling digital nomad, media buyer, online strategist, and many more online titles.

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