Some Marketing Holiday Tips

By Ian Fernando

This year's Holiday means good earnings for online marketers. This holiday season can either make or break you. You have to see what is selling and do some research. Today is Cyber Monday - a follow-up from Black Friday. Cyber Monday is the day where everyone sadly goes back to work and shops online from their desk PC. Yes workers surf the internet while at work, its a fact of life.

But were you prepared to get the high traffics and conversions for this holiday season? Below are some good holiday marketing tactics that are useful. Also, this year I was a little late on my research and projects I wanted to get accomplished, but hey I rushed and spent almost a whole day just to get my site up and running - even some Adwords going. I sacrificed some beauty sleep for my websites! But it pays to be early and knowing how to market and find the target market properly.

Here are my points when marketing or attacking the holidays and shoppers.

  1. Research last years popular items
  2. Holidays is all about physical items - so research
  3. Look at and visit Google Trends to determine its popularity
  4. Visit eBay's Hot list
  5. Read about Black Friday and Cyber Monday
  6. Research your target market and its demographics
  7. Are there more people looking for deals or just want to buy without the care for discounts?
  8. Keyword bids for CPC campaigns tends to go high - find out about Long Tail Keywords
  9. Use excel to watch your trends and popularity.

Those are some of my tips that I tend to follow. Here are some others from other bloggers:

Zac Johnson says:

Right now we are about to go full swing into the fun time of the year when people just love to start spending a ridiculous amount of money on anything! Here are some of the big dates coming up, that you should be preparing for and taking advantage of.

November 23 - Black Friday
November 26 - Cyber Monday
December 20 - “When It Absolutely, Positively, Needs to Be There” Last Ship Date
December 20-25 - Target Last Minute Shoppers
December 26 - Post-Holiday Sales

Marketing Pilgrim says knowing numbers means a lot:

-> Only 26% say they would pay for expedited delivery. (It was 45% last year.)
-> 55% say they shop online to find products they can’t find offline.
-> Only 18% would pay extra for gift wrapping (down from 33%).
-> The top categories for online shopper this holiday season? In order: apparel, books, electronics, gift cards and toys
-> 68% of internet users shop online or research products online. 50% of those users window shop only (research information) and then buy offline. This is interesting—it seems to indicate that only about 1/3rd of internet users are really online shoppers.

Aweber even puts in some input about the Holiday season:

Don't Overmail.

Avoid the temptation to send frequently. This can be tough sometimes — competition for email users' attention gets intense in the holiday season as businesses try to make sales goals. So, you may take the mentality that "the more I send, the more chances I have to make a sale!"

But remember: all that email adds up. When someone starts getting too much, what do they do? They unsubscribe and cry "spam!" And if they remember you as constantly emailing them, guess who they're saying "goodbye" to first?

So this holiday season do some research to find the perfect ads to work with and advertise via email marketing or PPC. There are a lot of CPAs out there that are paying high cash outs for affiliate marketers, just read and research.

Ian Fernando
Involved in the internet space since 2002 and have been through the ups and downs of this online industry. I am a traveling digital nomad, media buyer, online strategist, and many more online titles.

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