Sorry! Issues with Database Today!

Sorry! Sorry! My site was down or super slow because of my database messing up. It took me all of today to figure out what was wrong and what the hell happened. Also I was on the phone with my host for a useless hour – they didn’t know what they were doing. I love 1and1 but their customer support is not so powerful. I went to Google and Google helped me out so much – took a little longer but I managed to fix it. YAY!

The easiest thing to do is always have a backup of your website/blog. If you do not then your host’s customer support may or may not help you perfectly or you may have to figure things out on your own. I just want to say always have a backup. It is the most easiest thing to have and do.

Again I apologize for the delay of my blog. Also, if you have not already noticed, there is a popup on my front page of a maintenance 1and1 is doing later tonight. I hope it does not mess anything else up – will find out tomorrow morning!

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