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Hey, Ian here. I am an online marketer at heart. I enjoy learning the data the ads produce to create a strategy to create conversions. I will show your audience a great way to optimize their ads while inspiring everyone in your audience.

Ian Fernando is an engaging speaker who frequently speaks at international events for entrepreneurs looking to get more eyeballs to their business.

Ian is no stranger to the online world, as his blog voices his concerns and ideas about how to market online and being the best at it.

Not only does Ian speak around the world, he is also interviewed by several international publications to discuss his history and growth. Ian's story is very interesting as it talks about his failures, realizations, and growth to success in the online space.

Ian Fernando started as any other marketer online, to try to find extra time for himself and leave just 2 of his 3 jobs in the past. Eventually he came to the realization if he as able to let go of 2 jobs then the third shouldn't be a problem. He took that risk and succeeded in it.

It has now been more than 15 years since Ian has had a job but has always created movements in the online space from selling his first software business to creating information products and even a health product line.

With so much experience in the online space, Ian has a lot to talk about especially failures. A success story is awesome but hearing a failed project is more entertaining and Ian does not mind sharing his failures as it creates a reality for the ones wanting to risk it all online.

Boosting Your Conversions is Just One of the Topics Ian Fernando Speaks On

Online marketing is so vast that it can be overwhelming for many. Luckily Ian can focus on simple ready to go strategies and allow a story in the conversation to engage the users.

When Ian first started speaking in Boston, he was the youngest panel speaker back in 2008. Soon, he started being seek out because of his upfront personality and just letting himself be himself.

There are controversial discussing in advertising Ian also brings up, giving a sense of reality to the audience who wants to learn 'right now' tactics that will not work tomorrow.

The knowledge Ian has to share is very vast and ranges in categories many seek. The best part, if Ian has no experience in a topic, he will flat out say so.

Sure, I will do a workshop as well. Let's Chat!

Not only has Ian spoken at several events in his career. He has been asked to speak at private masterminds and company retreats. Providing an integrated one to one knowledge with the his peers.

Don't hesitate, just send him a message. Tell him your event and the topic to be discussed. He will reach out with a response.

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